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Meet Garima Manocha

“I think the moon has a strange impact on me. My energies fluctuate depending upon the lunar cycle and most times, it is positive,” giggles Garima Manocha. The first thing that instantly grabs my attention is her soft, mellow voice.

Photo by Garima Manocha

The night is dark and full of terrors, as Melisandre intones time and again in the many, many episodes of the fantasy-drama Game of Thrones. While most of us are actually terrified of the dark, our today’s Amrutam Contributor finds an obscure thrill in venturing into the dark under the riveting moonlight!

At Amrutam, Garima Manocha plays the role of an Editorial Photographer. If you follow Garima’s work you’re probably familiar with her love of vivid colors and authentic illustration. Her photos carry a spellbinding liveliness; her carefully curated aesthetics are to die for! And yet there is so much more to Garima than she lets on the surface. Quite a disciplinarian, Garima is a big fan of writing things down. Before she begins with her day, she makes a To-Do List on her whiteboard highlighting all the tasks she hopes to accomplish. This helps her set her pace for the day.

Exploring Cultures

Photo by Garima Manocha

“My last shoot was a fashion shoot. Although I don’t do much of fashion photography, this was my attempt to get out of my comfort zone and try out different things. And I am really glad about the way the shoot was conducted!”

Unlike the popular belief of hustling or appearing to be busy to give oneself a false sense of satisfaction, Garima is quite a believer of efficiency. “I organize my day as far as work is concerned and try to get 4-5 productive hours. The rest of it is spent in cooking, working out, and exploring creative platforms for inspiration,” says Garima. Apart from being a full-time photographer, she also enjoys traveling and exploring cultures.

I ask Garima about how her journey as a photographer began. And she candidly tells me how she grew up in the era when the Internet was only beginning to find its place in Indian households.

Captivating the World

Photo by Garima Manocha

“As a child, I was really fascinated by the background images of mountains and beaches and nature which would appear on our computers. I always wanted to be the one to click such beautiful pictures! Which is why I began clicking photos on the old handy-cams to find out what was it like to shoot something!”

She started clicking photos on her phone almost regularly in college. Shooting in the streets became like a ritual where she found herself clicking photos of the most random objects and people. “I didn’t pursue photography in college because I never had the option. It wasn’t so popular back then,” explains Garima. However, things really took a positive turn for her in the final year of her graduation when she got a professional camera. That’s when photography really took off for her and she’s since captivated the world with her detailed aesthetics.

Photo by Garima Manocha

A big foodie and lover of street photography, Garima is extremely camera shy! Her interests vary from reading about obscure things online to talking about making pancakes in the middle of a serious conversation!

Garima’s initial understanding of how to work on a camera came when she decided to take formal education in photography at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi. She went on to pursue a masters in photography from Light & Life Academy, Ooty. Her work has attracted forums like National Geographic and Al Jazeera among others.

Gravitating towards Positive Vibes

Photo by Garima Manocha

“I love everything water and green. Water, I think, has had the biggest influence on me. It keeps me calm and centred even though it is ever-changing. Something as simple as a shower also puts me to ease!”

Garima first met our humble bijniswoman aka Stuti Ashok Gupta at a women’s day event organized by Tripoto back in 2018. This was when she was about to leave for her masters and upon returning from Ooty, she got in touch with Stuti. And that’s when a beautiful relationship between Amrutam and Garima began. And ever since, our bond has only flourished with time.

For a picture to deliver the essence of the thought behind, Garima takes ample time to brainstorm with the team. “I personally love working for Amrutam. The atmosphere is just so positive! The creative autonomy is really liberating and I love how the team is always open to ideas,” says Garima. An artist’s mind is really fragile and the work environment dictates the efficiency of the artist’s work. If you don’t believe in the cause you are working for, the results will naturally be nothing extraordinary. And I just cannot agree more.

On Patience & Perspective

Photo by Mukul Mudgal

“I think it is really important to space out and observe things around you: to notice things that were unnoticed before. It helps me to see things from a distinct perspective and allows me to be patient and dynamic in my approach.”

She religiously consumes Nari Sondarya Malt, which, she says, doing wonders for her! Her energy is more positive and she can feel her body changing for the better!

Working with Amrutam has made GarimagG realize that she truly believes in the power of Ayurveda. Her message to the readers is –

“I think this is the time when people are finally getting closer to their roots. And Amrutam is simply the best way for someone who is new to the world of Ayurveda or wishes to explore it in depth. Trust me, the journey is extremely rewarding and revelationary.”

It is through passionate individuals like Garima that Amrutam is able to build a community that strives for the betterment of the society! The pursuit of a healthy life remains incomplete without the invaluable contributions of people that shape us who we are today.

At Amrutam, we are extremely grateful to have Garima Manocha as part of our #AmrutamFamily!


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