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Meet Gaurav Anand

Gaurav Anand recently made a pleasant trip to Bali, Indonesia. Upon coming back to India, he realized there was no way he could make it to his hometown. And so, decided to stay in Mumbai with friends. Hailing from the city known for its cultural and historical heritage, Gwalior, Gaurav possesses an overwhelmingly rich experience of photography of over 9 years.

At an age where most people only begin to explore their plausible passions and areas of interest, this creative genius has already established meaningful professional relationships with several corporates, lifestyle brands, and media houses like NDTV amongst others.

If you, like me, have watched the making of the DIY Kuntal Care Hair Spa, and are in awe of the effortless visuals that seem to strike a chord in your heart, you will most certainly be thrilled to know Gaurav Anand!

It is commonly said that different people have different timelines for growth. So, when I first met Gaurav at Amrutam Office back in February, he was discussing the pre-production of a product shoot that was scheduled to be held in the coming week. Instantly, I knew he was someone who wouldn’t compromise on the quality of his work. And when I reached out to him for the Amrutam Contributors’ article, my supposition was confirmed.

Capturing the Nuances

“Since a tender age, I had this unwitting desire to shoot every beautiful object I saw. I guess I just happened to chance upon something that I grew to love passionately. Not many are fortunate to know what they want to do in their lives but I was really blessed that way.”

A big fan of lifestyle videos, Gaurav plays the role of a Photographer & Videographer at Amrutam. His work has received great acclaim by #AmrutamFamily! Among his projects with Amrutam, his most favourite happens to be the ‘Amrutam for every kind of women!’ video wherein he managed to skilfully capture the nuances of love and togetherness.

Gaurav runs a brand with the name of “Vision of GAP” and credits his swift and smart approach to working on his brand to his father who is a successful businessman. Although Gaurav’s parents always wanted him to join their family business, he knew it in his heart that nothing could make him happier than a camera. And so, he left Gwalior to pursue his dream in the commercial capital of India – Mumbai.

But the road to pursue his dreams and convert his childhood fantasies, in reality, came with many ups and downs. In Indian society, artists and creators often struggle with gaining recognition as financial stability is prioritized over artistic talent. When I ask Gaurav about how he overcame the hardships of early days of his career, he says –

“I have always loved being exploratory in my approach and work on projects that satisfy my creative thirst. And while I was still holding a camera all this while, I didn’t realize that I had become a corporate slave. I was constantly taking up commercial projects and stopped creating for myself. It was similar to the saying – “Wo sab to duniya ke lie kia, apne lie kya karte ho?””

An Eye for Perfection

And ever since Gaurav came to terms with what truly made him happy, he has been constantly trying to learn and be better at it. One of the biggest challenges has been refusing commercial projects that pay good money but do not allow him to exercise his creative autonomy. He admits to being a materialistic person. So much so, that once he got his first camera, he instantly had his eyes on the one that was better. And the one after that. It was almost as if nothing could ever satisfy him. But fortunately, he realized what was best for him. “The process has been very introspective but I am trying to incorporate my unique style in my work. Currently, I am working on the videos from Bali and am learning so many new things in the process,” he adds.

In times of social distancing and nationwide lockdown, I wonder what a typical day in Gaurav’s life like, to which he answers –

“Well even before the lockdown, I had no specific routine. Sometimes my projects would last weeks in a row with no time to as much as even breathe. And other times, I spent all my days working on my own content, building up storylines, and devising new techniques of editing.”

Love for the Cosmos

Gaurav started working professionally at a very young age that equipped him with both the knowledge and experience which now enhance and refine his work and relationships. Roaming around the streets of the city with a camera in his hand is likely his favorite thing to do. On weekends, he enjoys working for Astronomical Observatory (WHAO) situated in Badlapur-Mumbai and creates Astronomy Content for his YouTube Channel. Astronomical photography is another such area he feels passionately about. And this passion can be traced back to his childhood where he came across a friend’s telescope and decided to buy his own someday, out of the sheer fascination and admiration for space and cosmos! A fantasy he was able to turn into reality after 7 years!

Upon asking if he has a specific work process, he says, “The Team and I always sit together and brainstorm our ideas. And since imagination is limitless and runs free, the final outcome must be such that can be executed within the confines of the frame.” Receiving technical knowledge is quite easy but conceptualizing and implementing an idea in the most robust and lively manner is the true testimony of a good Videographer. Even though Gaurav has his own sets of doubts and hesitation, he is certain that executing concepts into visually appealing yet intangible art is not impossible!

A Fearless Risk-Taker

“Amrutam’s vibe so different and authentic. The Team is so inspiring. Sometimes simply sitting with uncle [Ashok Gupta] gives me bouts of positive vibes. They have turned a family business into a global brand and I think that is enough to say how hardworking and awe-inspiring these bunch of people are!”

He describes himself as a risk-taker and explorer who does not and will not settle for anything less than he deserves and wants. But being a freelancer comes with its shortcomings – there are no deadlines and work is only done with when the artist is truly satisfied with their work. And as a freelancer myself, I empathize. The fact that Gaurav spent over six months working on a 2-minute long video which was his personal project is proof enough of his perseverant nature.

Gaurav grew up learning about Indian mythology in-depth from his mother. Legends like Mahabharat and Ramayana have influenced him deeply and poems like Rashmirathi have inspired him to pen down his own feelings on paper. All of which have ultimately led him to become more self-aware. He dreams to create content focusing on Indian Mythology with modern techniques so it reaches future generations as lessons to learn from!

“As freelancers, we work with a brand, finish the project, and move on to the next one. Seldom do we expect them to remember us. But being a contributor at Amrutam gives me a sense of belonging. I feel at home. And that feeling of being part of a family and treated like a family member encourages me to be my most productive and efficient self!”

He believes the best thing about Amrutam is that it’s a family that is bringing back the cultural and ancient narratives to life. Amrutam, he says, brings us closer to our roots and reminds us where we truly belong. Apart from the wonderful products, they aim the changing and improving the lifestyle of people, and he has experienced it first-hand.

Affinity for Conversations

“I believe different things have influenced me with time and age. For instance, Steve Jobs’ speech about chasing your dreams – “do what you love and love what you do!” inspired me to pursue photography, great poets have inspired me to be honest with my writing. And of course, there are other artists and directors whose works have moved me. But I think we must not idolize a specific person or situation for longer than needed. Once something stops adding value to you or hampers your growth, it is important to move on to better things.”

Gaurav is a good listener and quite attentive to my questions. He listens not with the intention to respond, but with the intention to understand. And it’s a rarity only a few people are lucky to cultivate. For this year, his goals are to stay healthy and create content he can be proud of in the future. I have no doubt he is already on his way!

When I ask why should people be part of #AmrutamFamily, he concludes, “It is a community of people that cares about people beyond the business-customer relationship. The content they put out is not only informative and illuminating but also very lovingly curated. The words are simple but profound to ensure maximum people are benefitted from their content. I see no reason why anyone should not be part of #AmritamFamily!”

Amrutam is extremely grateful to have Gaurav as part of our #AmrutamFamily!


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