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A Little Jar of Magic

It was around August 2019, when Surabhi Natekar had decided to give Ayurveda a try. A remedy for her tumultuous anxiety was what she was looking for and after coming across Gopi’s (@aawaari) recommendations on her Instagram stories that said – “If you are struggling with anxiety, stress or even depression and you truly want to have that happier self of yours restored, put your faith in me once & get yourself a Brainkey [Gold Malt], ASAP!” and that is exactly what Surabhi did. Little did she know that this little jar of magic would change her life in ways she had never expected!

Upon trying the Brainkey Gold Malt for a few weeks and experiencing all the positive changes, Surabhi put up a story on her Instagram profile that caught the eye of our very own Bijniswoman aka Stuti Ashok Gupta, who couldn’t stop scrolling through the beautifully curated aesthetic feed of this young artist! After all, we had finally found someone who was just as passionate about curating both art AND communities.

Meet Surabhi Natekar

Let me present to you – Surabhi Natekar, a 24-year-old photographer, graphic designer, illustrator and one of Amrutam’s most invaluable gems! A perfect example of ‘what you seek is seeking you,’ Surabhi is responsible for curating the content for all our social media platforms with the most informative posts and stories. A student of Applied Art and lover of Murakami’s books, Surabhi is also heroically vocal about her struggles with anxiety and depression.

“Things took a toll on me when I lost my father when I was 12-year-old. I suppressed my feelings for over 8 years until I had a terrible mental outburst which led me to seek psychiatric help. It was a difficult time but art was my constant savior. It helped me channelize all of my raw emotions into paintings and drawing.”

Pursuing a career in art always seems like an ongoing challenge especially when an artist wishes to remain self-employed. Surabhi shares her side of the story and tells me how sometimes despite her best efforts, there appears to be a humongous amount of criticism. And while I empathize, I do not forget to ask her what is it that keeps her love for creating intact? What is it about Amrutam that she loves so dearly, to which she excitedly responds, “The kind of encouragement and love I have received at Amrutam is incomparable. As an artist, the most important thing for me is my ability to create without boundaries. I love to experiment and I am very fortunate to be able to exercise my creative autonomy at Amrutam!

Learning & Unlearning

A typical day in Surabhi’s life entails a lot of staring at her desktop screen, reading, painting and working on her personal studio titled ‘Surreal. I infer a deep reflection of Surabhi’s thoughts, a sense of longing in her photos and illustrations. A rarity that seems both unique and thought-provoking at the same time, she sure knows her way around the camera! Although, she admits to being a slow reader, interestingly, Surabhi is of the opinion that reading is a form of art that requires discipline.

“Though there are a lot of artists whose work I personally love and follow religiously. But when it comes to life, it is my mother who I look up to the most. Her take on life is just so inspiring, it never ceases to put me in awe! She’s clearly had the most significant impact on my life.”

Life is a journey of learning and unlearning, but most importantly it is a voyage of knowing the self. With her association with Amrutam, Surabhi is keen on expressing her learnings on both personal and professional levels – from finally beginning to believe in her art and herself to developing a knack for digital marketing, she believes an encouraging push is all that is needed to move ahead!

The Art of Resilience

In our nearly hour-long conversation, Surabhi is kind enough to ask me if I’m running short of time. And I must admit, I seldom feel so homely talking to someone for the first time. 2020 seems to be full of exciting plans for her! From launching her own studio to taking a trip to the beautiful hills of Himachal Pradesh later this year, Surabhi is thrilled to pitch in a set of innovative and creative ideas in the upcoming months. In her concluding statements, she seems eager to talk about her relationship with Amrutam and says –

“Amrutam is not just a brand, because the vibe is just so much more than that! It is a wholesome team of individuals that wants to ensure the best for its community. And I feel so proud to be a part of something that believes in and works for the greater good of people. Not only are the products so wonderful, but the underlying idea behind each action is so well thought of!”

By the end of our conversation, I am simply in awe of her resilience and kind-heartedness. It is not every day that I come across someone who always has good things to say about their struggles.

“Being a part of the Amrutam Family is one of the best experiences of my life, I’ve had so far because it not only has helped me to come across so many talented and kind people like but also has helped me to learn a lot of things as a creator. The community itself is so nurturing, that it helps to reflect right back at you and grow. It has been an overwhelming experience for me, to come across such a lovely community, and to be working with them.”

Surabhi is an artist in the truest sense. Amrutam is built on the premise of community and having such hard-working and dedicated contributors strengthen our purpose even more!

We are truly grateful to have such brilliant individuals as part of our #AmrutamFamily!


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