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The current situation of Covid-19 is a nightmare for everyone and we all are on the tracks of keeping our immune systems safe. Aren’t we all panicking about the medicinal and Ayurvedic remedies and products that assure to keep our immune system boosted? The immediate need is avoiding diseases that are related to the respiratory tract which include Kapha diseases. As usual, Ayurveda has the answer to everything. Baheda also known as Bibhitak (Vibhikti or Vibhakti) is the element that balances Kaphadosha in the body which is the need of the hour.


Did you know?
The Kahphadosha is comprised of Earth and Water energy. It’s soothing, grounding, cooling and sometimes lazy.

Baheda might be the herb you are already using and you may know it by some other names like Karshphal, Aksh, Bhutavas, Dharmaghna.

Scientific name : Terminalia Belerica.

Sanskrit name : Bibhitak.

Baheda is generally a tall tree with white or off white flowers, found all over India but especially common on the plains and lower hills of SouthEast Asia. So searching for Baheda isn’t tedious! The Ayurvedic properties of Bibhitak lie in it’s fruit. It balances Kaphadosha and Pittadosha

Ras - Kashay

Vipak - Madhur

Did you know?
Baheda and rose water go hand in hand in many uses. Application of Baheda and Rose water on face prevents the growth of bacteria.

Bibhitak is one of the most widely used herb in immuno-boosting products. It’s easy to outline it’s uses in the Ayurvedic properties of Baheda. The Anti-ulcer property of Baheda is due to it’s Madhur Vipak. Let’s see how! Ingredients with Madhur Vipak are thought to reduce problems like hyper-acidity. Hyper-acidity is one of the major reasons for gastric ulcers and hence use of Bibhitak is valuable in this field.

Why Baheda in everything?

Baheda which is commonly known by the Sanskrit name Bibhitak has it’s meaning as ‘The one that keeps diseases away.’ Hence, Bibhitak ,in Ancient Sciences, can be termed as a shield against diseases.

Baheda in Triphala

Who must not be aware of the Ayurvedic medicine Triphala used for curing cough, pharyngitis and constipation! Bibhitak is the basic formulation ingredient in that. We come to know about some uses of Baheda through this use which are as follows

  • Curing cough and pharyngitis - This reflects Bibhitak’s usage in treating throat infections or related disorders.
  • Constipation - Bibhitak has laxative properties which heal constipation.

Use Baheda when

  • Inflammation and pain is torturing you! Indeed, Baheda has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Fruit pulp or seed oil is utilized as a local application in inflammatory crises.
  • Throat infections are your biggest enemies! In illnesses like asthama, cough, rhinitis Baheda recipes are recommended. Chewing fried pieces of Bibhitak fruit provides solace.
  • Wounds are your everyday mate! Powder of Baheda seeds is sprinkled on wounds to prevent them from bleeding. It also assists in dressing of wounds.
  • Last but not the least, burning sensations are a nightmare for you! Application of fruit pulp is the prescription for it.

Role of Baheda in curing body systems

  • Digestive system - The treatment of Baheda on digestive system problems is closely related with it’s properties. Due to it’s hot property, Baheda is remembered to increase appetite and support in digesting heavy foods. Raw fruit of Bibhitak is purgative but ripe fruit supervisions diarrhoea. The sour taste (Kashay Ras) addresses issues like vomiting and nausea. Apart from these, inclusion of Bibhitak in medication of Anorexia, Gaseous distension, Worm infestation and Piles is helpful. The purgative property of it’s raw fruit stops bleeding during piles. 
  • Respiratory tract - By reducing inflammations in the respiratory tracts, Baheda gives good outcomes in treatment of cough, cold, asthma and throat infections.

Did you know?
Bibhitak in avaleha form (form like Chawanprash) mixed with honey treats all kind of respiratory disorders related to Kaphadosha.

  • Nervous system - Yes, Baheda has delineated its use in the most vital and intricate system of our body. The Seedpulp displays a sedative effect and hence is often used to calm pain. Insomnia and Vaat related disorders are also treated by Bibhitak
  • Reproductive system - Baheda seedpulp treats impotency in males. One of it’s benefits also includes increasing sex desire.

Baheda and Hair

The increasing issues of baldness and premature greying of hair has become a major cause of concern in the young generation. Choosing Ayurvedic treatment aspect can be a wise idea. The solution to it in Ayurveda is Baheda. Bibhitak promotes hair growth and reduces premature greying. Nonetheless, it also handles problems like dandruff and cures it. One of the way of use can be applying Baheda powder along with rose water and coconut oil on the scalp. 

Rare properties of Baheda

It is a less known fact that Baheda actually has Anti-cancer properties. It is believed to have cytotoxic properties that help in irradiating tumor cells. Interesting fact is that it’s extract had different effects on cancer and non-cancer cells and hence didn’t significantly affect the later ones.

Another rare property of Bibhitak is that it is Anti-Diabetic. It’s ability to reduce serum glucose in the body is the main reason for this. 


Powder- 1 to 3 gram twice a day.

Conditions under which Baheda is not recommended

Yes, there are certain conditions when avoiding use of Bibhitak is recommended inspite of it’s tremendous benefits. Pregnancy, breast- feeding and weeks prior to surgery are the peak avoidance periods.

Other Ayurvedic medicines that contain Bibhitak formulation

  • Triphala Churna
  • Lavangadivati
  • Faltrikadi kwath
  • Bibhitak taila

Amrutam products haven’t stepped back in providing the goodness of it’s properties and here is the list.

The goodness of Ayurveda and Amrutam wishes you luck for boosting immunity by trying Baheda.

For more information, you can use the Ayurvedic books named Charak Sanhita and Dravyagun Vidnyan.



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