Suffering from stomach problems? Try Zeo Malt to get instant relief from Indigestion

A very common stomach related problem is dyspepsia, which we all know as indigestion.

It is generally described as an uncomfortable pain in our stomach or chest occurring usually after you have eaten something. In medicinal language, other common symptoms of indigestion include a sensation of feeling full and heavy (that generally happens when you have eaten more than your stomach asked for), it can cause your stomach to bloat and make you feel nauseous. Indigestion or dyspepsia can also cause heartburn.

Heartburn is a burning sensation in our chest or throat. A heartburn is caused because of acid that gets stored at the back of our esophagus, it is tube responsible for carrying our food from our mouth to stomach.

Indigestion is not uncommon and most of us have experienced the unusual pain in our stomach. Generally, dyspepsia is mild in nature and occurs infrequently without causing any lasting damage to our body. However, it can still be a trouble to deal with a heavy stomach.

When the acid in our stomach interacts with the lining of the digestive tract, it attacks the lining and breaks it down. This attack of acids on the lining of our digestive tract can cause irritation, pain, inflammation and swelling.

Indigestion or the attack of stomach acids is often stimulated because of alcohol consumption; smoking and taking certain medications can also trigger indigestion.

According to modern medicine, pregnant women are more likely to suffer through indigestion.

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Ayurveda and Indigestion

In Ayurveda, the word ajirna means the incomplete process of digestion and ayurveda considers agnimandya  as the cause behind incomplete digestion or ajirna.

Agnimandya means a weak digestive fire. Our gut fire or agni is responsible for the digestion of food in our body.

Ajirna or indigestion can be classified into three categories Amajirna, Vidagdhajirna and Vishtabdhajirna. Amajirna is associated with impairment of Kapha dosha, Vidagdhajirna is associated with impairment of pitta dosha and Vishtabdhajirna  is associated with impairment of vata dosha.

  • Amajirna – impaired kapha dosha .
  • Vidagdhajirna – impaired pitta dosha .
  • Vishtabdhajirna – impaired vata dosha

    Common causes of Ajirna or Indigestion

    Irregularity of meals is a common cause of indigestion, drinking excess of water after meals can also cause Ajirna or Indigestion. Excess of spicy food, improper sleeping pattern, emotional disturbances, decreased saliva production and incomplete diet is also responsible for causing indigestion or Ajirna.

    • Drinking excess of water
    • Taking an incomplete diet (Samasana: Ayurvedic term)
    • Irregular meal timings (Visamasna: Ayurvedic term)
    • Suppression of sleep(nidra: ayurvedic term), vata and stool (purisha: ayurvedic term)

    Ayurvedic treatment | Ayurvedic Medicine for Indigestion

    Zeo Malt- Key Remedy for Chronic Stomach Problems

    This key ingredient of Zeo Malt are Triphla, AjwainMarich and Sounth

    Triphala is an ayurvedic combination of herbal rasayanas, it consists of three equal parts of Amalaki, Bibhitaki, and Haritaki. It works as a great laxative and helps in stimulating bowel movement. It is very helpful in digestive issues as it cleanses the stomach and provides nutrition and vitamins, to the entire digestive pathway of our body.

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    Ajwain or carom seeds are known for providing instant relief from indigestion, a traditional remedy which has been used all around India. Ajwain has certain active enzymes which help in boosting the body’s digestive functions by facilitating the release of gastric juices in the stomach. Ajwain is also very beneficial in the treatment of heartburns.

    Marich, also known as Kali Mirch or Piper Nirgum has several benefits for your stomach. It helps in increasing the digestive strength of stomach. However, if taken in excess marich can increase the pitta in your body.

    Sounth or ginger powder, has anti-inflammatory properties which make it an effective acid reflux.

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    Zeo Malt is an effective remedy which can help you provide instant relief from chronic stomach problems. It is formulated based on ancient recipes found in textbooks like charaka samhita and Bhav Prakash Nighantu.

    Here are a few Amrutam benefits of Zeo Malt:

    • Neutralizes acidity, increases the pH level of the stomach,
    • Reduces the secretion of acid
    • Promotes mucosal healing, prevent and treats constipation
    • Enhances digestion activities.
    • Useful in hyperacidity, heart-burn, indigestion, flatulence,
    • Useful in dyspepsia (indigestion), reflex oesophagities and acid peptic disorder

    Buy Zeo Malt now and say bye-bye to your stomach problems.


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