The Ayurveda Quiz

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So here we are with another fun quiz – this one is to test your knowledge about Ayurveda, let’s see how much you’ve learnt about Ayurveda as a part of #AmrutamFamily!

Why should you take the Ayurveda Quiz?

1.  You’ll get to test your knowledge about Ayurveda.
2. Everyone who participates will get a discount coupon up to INR 500!

About the Ayurveda Quiz

We’ve kept the quiz really simple, all you have to do is answer all the questions and you’ll get a discount up to INR 500 upon submitting your response!

1.Name the three Doshas (constitutions) as per Ayurveda.
2.What’s the meaning of the word “Amrutam”?
3.Ayurveda recognizes _________ elements as the fundamental building blocks of nature
4.Who is known as the father of Ayurveda?
5.How many sub-branches can the field of Ayurveda can be divided into?
6.Who is known as the hindu god of Ayurveda?
7.What is the meaning of Panchamahabhuta?
8.Which Indian ministry is associated with the field of Ayurveda?
9.What are the four Purusharthas (Goals) of life?
10.The trayopastabha (three pillars) of Ayurveda are
11.Which of these is not an Ayurvedic Dosha?
12.What is a self-massage called in Ayurveda?
13.Which of these malts is good for stomach health?
14.Ayurveda recognises five essential elements of nature. Air, earth, fire and water are four of them; which is the fifth element?
15.What’s the hindi name for Hibiscus?
16.What does the phrase “Kuntal Care” translates to in English?
17.When led to the creation of “Amrutam- elixir of life”?
18.Which of these herbs are promintently used in managing stress?
19.Yashad Bhasma which acts like an Ayurvedic Sun Screen is an ingredient of which Amrutam Recipe?
20.Ayurveda is incorporated in which of these Veda?
21.Which of these herbs is known as the “Queen of Herbs”?
22.Gulkand is a jam made out of which flower?
23.The year according to Ayurveda is divided into two periods Ayana (solstice) depending on the direction of movement of sun that is _____________ (northern solstice) and _____________ (southern solstice).
24.What is meant by Agni in Ayurveda?
25.What is Ama in Ayurveda?
26.Oil Pulling is also known as
27.How many energy chakras are there?
28.What is a substance that serves as a medium for taking herbs and other Ayurvedic medicines


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