10 Amrutam Benefits of Giloy Ghanvati You Must Know

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Have you wondered about the benefits of Giloy plant or juice? Or how to use Giloy Ghanvati to for your own health and wellness? Well, here is a detailed blog on the benefits of Giloy as per Ayurveda. 

In English, Giloy is known as the “Heart-Leaved Moonseed” and is also known as Guduchi. Giloy is most commonly found in tropical areas of India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. 

The scientific name for Giloy is Tinospora Cordifolia.

Interestingly, the Sanskrit name for Giloy is “Amrita” which means the “root of immortality”. It has been used since ages, as a divine herb for its numerous benefits. The most useful parts of the Giloy plant are its stem and roots.
The key health benefits of Giloy are:

●Boosts Immunity

●Helps in reducing Stress

●Improves Digestion

●Improves Vision

Giloy’s Paan shaped leaves are similar to those you might passed across in a garden and its benefits are wide reaching. According to Ayurveda, Guduchi is a rasayana (a rejuvenator)  with the power to pacify the doshas- Vatta, Pitta & Kapha.

When taken along with Jaggery (Gudd), it helps in balancing the Pitta dosha, if taken with ghee- it helps in balancing the Vatta dosha and with Honey, it helps in balancing the Kapha dosha.


Here the 10 Benefits of Giloy you must know:

Helps in Boosting Immunity (Just like Amrutam Gold Malt)

Giloy is rich in antioxidants which help in fighting free-radicals, keep your cells healthy and get rid of diseases. It also helps remove toxins, purifies blood, fights bacteria that causes diseases and also combats liver diseases and urinary tract infections.
It helps fighting free radicals in our body as it contains zinc and copper.

The immunostimulant properties of Giloy also help in fighting diseases like Syphilis and other STDs.

Treatment of Fever (Just like Flukey Malt)

If you have high fever, like that of Malaria or Dengue, Giloy can help you a lot by reducing the temperature. The extraction from the dired plant of Guduchi, known as Guduchi Sattva is used to treat fever.

Alternatively, you can also take a spoonful of Flukey Malt along with Milk, twice a day to treat fever, flu, cough etc.

Helps in Fighting Respiratory Diseases (Just like Lozenge Malt)

Giloy helps in balancing different doshas and is very helpful in treatment of diseases like Bronchitis, chronic cough etc. It also considered to be very effective against Asthama.

Because of the immunostimulants present in Giloy, it also helps in fighting against infections in mucous membrane of our respiratory system.

Benefits in treatment of Inflammatory Diseases like Arthritis (Just like Orthokey Gold)

The anti-inflammatory properties of Giloy helps in conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis and Gout. According to a research study, Guduchi also helps in managing acute inflammation and pain in cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Works as Medhya Rasayana (Just like Brainkey Gold Malt)

According to Ayurveda, Guduchi also works as a Medhya Rasayana- as it helps in boosting memory, concentration and preventing stress.
Giloy is also a powerful adaptogen and therefore, helps in reducing stress and stimulating sex drive.

Smoothens the Blood Circulation

The Giloy Rasayana when taken regularly can help a lot with improving blood circulation and purifying blood. It also helps you with your metabolism rate and overall digestion.

Keeps you Young

Similar to Ashwagandha, the anti-ageing properties of Giloy can protect you from oxidative stress related “to environmental toxins, byproducts of biological processes, and even the food you eat.

Helps fighting Chronic Skin Problems

Giloy can help you fight chronic skin issues like eczema and psoriasis and reduce symptoms related to it like itchiness etc.

According to several studies, those who are facing Psoriasis have a higher risk of being affected by Arthritis and depression, as well. Because of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of Giloy, it helps you keep multiple diseases away.

Protects the Liver (Just like Keyliv Malt)

The Hepatoprotective properties of Giloy have a positive impact on the liver; it can help you fight fibrosis (scarring of liver) and helps in regeneration of damaged liver tissue.
Guduchi or Giloy can also help in fighting Jaundice and even Hepatitis, as it can help in detoxify the liver.

Stay tuned to read more such interesting articles about various herbs which are beneficial for your health


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