6 Reasons Why Tulsi is the Queen of Herbs

Queen of Herbs

Due to the endless list of medicinal benefits associated with the Tulsi plant, it is known as the Queen of Herbs.

#1 Fever fighter

It is considered to be a great tonic to cure common cold, fever, sore throat and cough. Dreadful fevers caused due to dengue or malaria can be treated by boiling tulsi leaves along with cardamom and to be consumed along with sugar and milk.

#2 Party ready

Much before the times of Kyunki Saas bhi Kabhi Bahu thi, Tulsi has occupied a central position in Indian households. (No Pun intended)
The strong fragrance of Tulsi leaves works as a brilliant mouth freshener and a long lasting one. Tulsi has antibacterial properties which help in killing germs and bacteria in the mouth.

#3 Tulsi Cooking

Tulsi or the Holy Basil is good for cooking as well and it can be used as an ingredient in making refreshing herbal drinks, soups, desserts, tea (chai) and even in rassam. Also, Chutneys! Surprising, isn`t it?

#4 Let`s be Tulsi-Happy!

Tulsi leaves are helpful in relieving stress through maintaining right levels of blood pressure, blood glucose and lipid levels. It also helps us in coping with psychological stress through its anxiolytic and anti-depressant properties and has a positive impact on memory and cognitive function. Also, it helps in maintaining normalized levels of Cortisol- stress hormone.

#5 Healthy Kidney

Tulsi helps in regulating uric acid levels in the body and thus, preventing the risk of kidney stones. Tulsi Juice with honey works as a great home remedy for kidney stones and also the pain associated with kidney stones.

#6 Shield against Heartbreaks

Tulsi can also help in protecting your heart because of its anti-oxidant component called Eugenol. Eugenol helps in protecting the heart by regulating blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels. Chewing tulsi leaves with an empty stomach everyday can both prevent any heart ailments.


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