Amrutam Dental Care Kit

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Amrutam Dental Care Kit contains Dentkey Manjan, Neem Toothbrush and Copper Tongue Cleaner. Inspired by Ayurvedic principles, this combo is the perfect way to kickstart your morning and maintain dental and oral health!

● Primary Benefits: Treats Oral Ailments like Bleeding Gums, Toothaches and Dental Wounds; Combats Bad Breath, Reduces Build-Up of Plaque, and Brightens Teeth.
● Secondary Benefits: Reduces Sensitiveness in Teeth and Gum, Improves Overall Oral Hygiene
● Usage: Use Dentkey Manjan as a toothpowder.
● Primary Ingredients: Laung, Phitkari, Akarkara and Marich
● Duration: Lifetime
● For Best Results, use it with: Amrutam Dentkey Malt

Size: 1 X Dentkey Manjan-40gms 1 X Neem Toothbrush 1 X Copper Tongue Cleaner

1 X Dentkey Manjan-40gms 1 X Neem Toothbrush 1 X Copper Tongue Cleaner
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Why choose Amrutam Dental Care Kit?

● Amrutam Dentkey Manjan is an Ayurvedic tooth powder that treats oral ailments and problems.
● A natural cleanser enriched with the goodness of Laung, Khadira, Babool and Marich that heal wounds, promote dental health, relieve toothaches, and strengthen and brighten teeth.
● Amrutam Neem Toothbrush adds a natural element to your bathroom collection. This charcoal-induced brush helps whiten teeth and deep clean them while being biodegradable and chemical-free.
● Using Amrutam Copper Tongue Cleaner as a part of everyday oral hygiene offers a plethora of benefits, such as cleaning unwanted buildup of toxins, reducing bacterial load, eliminating bad breath, and thus improving the sense of taste.

● 100% Natural and Ayurvedic
● PETA-certified cruelty-free
● Hand-picked and ethically sourced ingredients
● AYUSH-certified and US FDA approved


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