Amrutam Dentkey Malt
Amrutam Dentkey Malt
Amrutam Dentkey Malt
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Amrutam Dentkey Malt | Ayurvedic Recipe for Dental Nourishment

400 GM

Rs. 1,599.00

Amrutam Dentkey Malt is an Ayurvedic herbal jam recipe for dental nourishment. It heals inflamed and bleeding gums, relieves toothache and eliminates bad breath.  

Primary Benefits Heals Bleeding Gums, Fights Inflammation, Eliminates Bad Breath, Relieves Toothache, Prevents Cavities, Improves Overall Oral Health
Secondary Benefits Improves Digestive, Liver and Kidney Health, Aids in Easier Bowel Movements, Helpful in Treating Bile Diseases and Diseases caused by Phlegm, Anemia and Obesity
Dosage Twice a day on an empty stomach
Primary Ingredients Almond, Triphala, Neem, Phitkari
Duration 3-6 months minimum
For Best Results, use it with

Amrutam Dentkey ManjanAmrutam Neem Toothbrush and Amrutam Copper Tongue Cleaner

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Why choose Amrutam Dentkey Malt | Ayurvedic Recipe for Dental Nourishment?

● Dentkey Malt is a herbal jam that cures dental ailments.
● Amrutam’s Ayurvedic Dental Malt takes care of your teeth along with the health of your digestive system, liver and kidneys.
● Karonda helps reduce and treat inflammation, while Triphala aids easier bowel movements.
● Betel Nut present in the Malt is useful in the treatment of bile diseases and diseases that are caused by phlegm, anemia and obesity.

● 100% Natural and Ayurvedic
● PETA certified cruelty-free
● Hand-picked and ethically sourced ingredients
● AYUSH certified and US FDA approved

What is Amrutam Dentkey Malt | Ayurvedic Recipe for Dental Nourishment made of?

Each 10 gm contains

Almond 100 mg, Molshree 210 mg, Chidchida 100 mg, Karonda jam 3 gm, Triphala powder 450 mg, Rose 30 mg, Kapoor 5 mg, Peppermint 2 mg, Betel nut, 30 mg, Arjun ext 10 mg, Neem 30 mg, Phitkari 5 mg, Lodhra 30 mg, Akarkara 50 mg, Babool Gond 500 mg, Clove 30 mg, Black Pepper 30 mg, Walnuts 30 mg, Khadira 90 mg, Mulethi 90 mg, Padmakastha 30 mg, Spikenard 10 mg, Cinnamon 30 mg, Suhaga 30 mg, Pavitri Kusha 30 mg, Errand 30 mg, Cardamom 10 mg, Chhoti Pippili 30 mg, Nag Bhasm 20 mg, Yashad Bhasm 30 mg, Vang Bhasm 50 mg, Swarnamakshik Bhasm 100 mg, Loh Bhasm 40 mg, Mandoor Bhasm 50 mg, Trikatu Ext

How to use Amrutam Dentkey Malt | Ayurvedic Recipe for Dental Nourishment?

● Consume two tablespoons of Dentkey Malt for good dental health either directly or with milk or water twice or thrice a day.

Who should be using Amrutam Dentkey Malt | Ayurvedic Recipe for Dental Nourishment?

Amrutam's Dentkey Malt is suitable for those looking to cure their dental ailments.

● Gender: All
● Age: 5 years kid (1 GM),
18 and above (2 GM), 60 and above (1 GM)
● Dosha Type: Tridosha
● Season: All seasons
● Minimum Consumption Period: 3-6 months

General Instructions

● Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
● Not advisable for diabetic patients.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Being a dentist, i recommend this. Great for overall dental health.


I love Amrutam and this product is great for oral hygiene. Thanks!!!


1) very effective

Shyamli Borathakur

Amazing product been using it now for about a week. Teeth are shining better than before and pain in gums have become less. A must buy with those suffering from bad tooth pain and bad oral hygiene.


I usually don’t review products but I really felt that I should for this particular product. I was facing an issue of bleeding gums since over 4 months now. My gums were dark pink/red....where as they should be light pink in color. So basically I had an issue of bleeding and inflamed gums. So I bought this product and I’ve been using it since 4 days and I can actually see the color of my gums change to light pink. The bleeding has significantly reduced.