Amrutam Lozenge Malt
Amrutam Lozenge Malt
Amrutam Lozenge Malt

Amrutam Lozenge Malt | Remedy for Respiratory Complaints

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Amrutam Lozenge Malt is an Ayurvedic medicinal recipe crafted with the goodness of Tulsi, Vasa, Mulethi, Pushkarmool and Tribhuvan Kirti Ras. It is an effective remedy for chronic cough, cold, sinusitis, asthma, allergic bronchitis, upper and lower respiratory diseases, whooping cough and allergic rhinitis.

Primary Benefits

Fights and Prevents Chronic Cough, Seasonal Flu, and Respiratory Concerns like Sinusitis, Asthma, Allergic Bronchitis, and Allergic Rhinitis. Helpful in Fever, Sore Throat and Treating Malaria and Dengue Fever, Regulates Uric Acid Levels

Secondary Benefits Reduces the Risk of Kidney Stones, Spleen and Liver Diseases, Aids in Digestion, Helpful in Clearing Respiratory Passage by Loosening Phlegm and Removing Excess Mucus
Twice a day on an empty stomach
Primary Ingredients Tulsi, Vasa, Mulethi, Pushkarmool and Tribhuvan Kirti Ras
Duration 3-6 months minimum
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Why choose Amrutam Lozenge Malt | Remedy for Respiratory Complaints?

● Tulsi is an excellent remedy for common cold, fever, sore throat and cough. It can cure malaria or dengue fever. Tulsi in Lozenge Malt also helps regulate uric acid levels in the body and thus, reduces the risk of kidney stones.
● The Vasa plant helps treat chronic bronchitis and asthma. It also helps clear the respiratory passage by loosening phlegm and removing excess mucus.
● Mulethi, also known as Liquorice, is used in curing jaundice. Mulethi sticks are an age-old remedy for sore throat.
● Tribhuvan Kirti Ras is beneficial in treating fever, spleen and liver diseases. It also aids digestion.

● 100% Natural and Ayurvedic
● PETA certified cruelty-free
● Hand-picked and ethically sourced ingredients
● AYUSH certified and US FDA approved

What is Amrutam Lozenge Malt | Remedy for Respiratory Complaints made of?

Key Ingredients (Each 10g contains)

Tulsi 50 mg, Vasa 250 mg, Mulethi 250 mg, Kantkari 250 mg, Vanafsa100 mg, Sounth 100 mg, Kakadasingi100 mg, Pippali50 mg, Haridra 20 mg, Anar 100mg, Hansraj 50 mg, Marich 50 mg, Somlata 20 mg, Pushka rmool 50 mg, Lavang 5 mg, Khairsar 50 mg, Pudina satva 5 mg, Munakka 100 mg, Jaiphal 5 mg, Saidha lavan 2 mg, Tribhuvan kritri ras 10 mg, Sitopaladi churna 1 mg, Abhrak bhasm 50 mg, Saunf 25 mg, Amla murbba 2 gm, Sev murbba 2 gm, Chavanprash 1 gm, Nagkeshar 40 mg, Tankan bhasm 10 mg, Baheda 500 mg, Sugar Q.S.

Textbook Name: Bhav Prakash Nighantu & Ras Tantra Sar Avam Shidhha Prayog

How to use Amrutam Lozenge Malt | Remedy for Respiratory Complaints?

● Take one or two tablespoons of natural Lozenge Malt twice a day with milk or 100-200 ml warm water or as directed by your physician.

Who should be using Amrutam Lozenge Malt | Remedy for Respiratory Complaints?

Amrutam’s Lozenge Malt is suitable for those looking for a herbal remedy for respiratory complaints, seasonal changes and common flu.

● Gender: All
● Age: All
● Dosha Type: All
● Season: All
● Time: Morning and evening
● Consumption Period: 3-6 months

General Instructions

● Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
● Shake well before use.
● Do not exceed the recommended dose.
● Not advisable for diabetic patients.


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manoj shukla

I really appreciate of your company for product service and When will I be benefit then I definitely tell you.


Amrutam Lozenge Malt | Remedy for Respiratory Complaints


Acts a mucolytic and great for clearing out chest congestion


Very good for curing dry and wet cough.


Very very effective.