Amrutam Orthokey Oil
Amrutam Orthokey Oil

Amrutam Orthokey Oil | Useful in All Types of Body Pain

200 ML

Rs. 499.00

Amrutam Orthokey Oil s a medicinal Ayurvedic formulation. It is just the kind of pain-killer you need, with no side effects, only side benefits.

Primary Benefits Helpful in All Kinds of Pain - Joint Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Backaches
Secondary Benefits Lumbago, Stiff Neck, Muscular Sprains, Spasms
Usage Massage Twice a Day
Primary Ingredients Gandhpura, Ajawain sat, Kapoor, Pudina sat, Lahsun
Duration Till the Pain Lasts!
For Best Results, use it with Amrutam Orthokey Gold Malt, Amrutam Orthokey Gold Capsule, Amrutam Orthokey Pain Balm
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Why choose Amrutam Orthokey Oil | Useful in All Types of Body Pain?

● This recipe effectively treats any sort of body pain, including joint pain, pain associated with sciatica, arthritis, lumbago, stiff neck, backaches, muscular sprains and spasms and more.

● 100% Natural and Ayurvedic
● PETA certified cruelty-free
● Hand-picked and ethically sourced ingredients
● AYUSH certified and US FDA approved

What is Amrutam Orthokey Oil | Useful in All Types of Body Pain made of?

Each 5 ml contains

Gandh pura 525mg, Ajawain sat 50 mg, Kapoor 50 mg, Pudina sat 50 mg, Nilgiri 150 mg, Erand tail 100 mg, Alsi tail 100 mg, Rasna 100 mg, Daru haldi 100 mg, Sallakhi 50 mg, Guggle 50 mg, Zinger 50 mg, Lahsun 50 mg, Pyaj 50 mg, Malkagni 10 mg, Nirgundi 20 mg, Nagar motha 10mg, Bala 10 mg, Soyabeen Oil base Q.S.

How to use Amrutam Orthokey Oil | Useful in All Types of Body Pain?

● Take a few drops of oil on your palm and massage in the affected area.

Who should be using Amrutam Orthokey Oil | Useful in All Types of Body Pain?

Amrutam’s Orthokey Pain Oil is suitable for those seeking a holistic solution for their muscle and joint pain!

● Gender: All
● Age: All
● Dosha Type:
● Season:
● Time:
● Application Period: 3-6 months

General Instructions

● Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
● Shake well before use.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Ankit Dalmia

Not at all a good product it doesn't work for 1% even


Being a dentist, long sitting hours on the dental chair used to give me back pain. This helped a lot in reducing it.


I bought it for my mother and it's magically working on her muscle pain. She is so relieved now. Thaks Amrutam ??


Works wonders on all sorts of body pain, and especially joint pain. Even calf muscle pain caused due to exercise.


has been very very effective not only in joint pains but also general muscle fatigue. A good replacement for any balm.