Amrutam Diwali Puja Box

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Size: 1 X Amrutam Diwali Puja Box

1 X Amrutam Diwali Puja Box
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Amrutam Diwali Puja Box. A magnificent collection of Diwali essentials, designed to light up your celebrations with elegance and poise. Inside this exclusive box, you'll find everything you need for a traditional Diwali Puja, including Diwali Puja essentials and Puja Samagri. Celebrate this Diwali with Amrutam, and make it a festival to remember.

The Amrutam Diwali Gift Box includes:

  1. Shree Yantra Poster: A symbol of divine blessings.
  2. Kuntal Care Hair Spa 30ML: Nourish your hair and soul.
  3. Ashtagandh Body Lotion 30ML: Embrace purity and fragrance.
  4. Amrutam Face Clean Up 30ML: A radiant start to the festivities.
  5. Amrutam Thandai 100ML: A sip of tradition and refreshment.
  6. Amrutam Dhoop Box: Set the ambiance with sacred scents.
  7. Raahukey Oil 30ML: Embrace positive energy.
  8. Madhu Panchamrut 50GMS: A taste of sweetness and purity.
  9. Nariyal (Coconut) for Puja: A symbol of blessings.
  10. Red Cloth for Puja: Add color to your celebrations.
  11. Copper Lota (Gobular Water Container) for Puja: The purity of water.
  12. Brass Diya for Puja: Illuminate your life with tradition.
  13. Kapoor (Camphor) for Puja: Let the light purify your space.
  14. Kalava (Sacred Thread) for Puja: A symbol of protection.
  15. Supari (Beetel Nuts) for Puja: Embrace auspicious beginnings.
  16. Haldi (Turmeric) for Puja: Radiate positivity.
  17. Kheel (Puffed Rice) for Puja: Celebrate abundance.
  18. Batase for Puja: The joy of offering.
  19. Sarso for Puja: The essence of tradition.
  20. Itra [Atar] for Puja: A fragrant journey.
  21. Chandan 10GMS for Puja: Divine purity.
  22. Roli for Puja: A touch of auspiciousness.
  23. Chawal (Rice) for Puja: Abundance on your plate.
  24. Kesar (Saffron) for Puja: The color of joy.
  25. Panch Meva for Puja: A delectable offering.
  26. Bhoja Patra for Puja: The sanctity of tradition.
  27. Potli for Puja: A bundle of blessings.
  28. Sarvoaushdhi Hawan for Puja: Purify with sacred herbs.
  29. Detoxkey Herbs 100GMS: Nourish your inner self.
  30. Manjan 20GMS: The glow of tradition.
  31. Kayakey Body Oil 30ML: Embrace self-care.
  32. Neem Daatun: Tradition for oral health.
  33. Aparmarg Chidchida: Ward off negativity.
  34. Bahi Khata (Ledger Book) for Puja: Document your journey.
  35. Red Pen for Puja: Signify new beginnings.


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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely amazing ✨

This is my very first purchase from AMRUTAN. And I am so happy with all the items within it. Very reasonable price as well. धन्यवाद 🙏🏻
i recommend this Diwali Puja box to everyone.
Best Wishes Happy Diwali and Prosperous New Year ✨💐


Diwali essential lots of interesting stuff in it

Amazing Diwali pujan box

👌 go for it! All samagri

Pooja Baliga
Very Good Gifting option

One of the best gifting options to choose this Diwali, Absolutely love it

Dinesh gurjar

दिवाली पूजा का सामान खरीदना एक बहुत बड़ी समस्या थी जिसे आपने सरल बना दिया। आपको दुआ दूंगा। मैं पिछले 5 साल से कभी पूरी पूजन सामग्री न ला पाने के कारण घरवाली से डांट खाता रहा।
बताओ अगर दिवाली को बीबी लड़ेगी, तो क्या पूजा में मन लग सकेगा। धन्यवाद amrutam Family को
5 बॉक्स का ऑर्डर दिया है। कृपया समय पर भेजें।

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