Addressing the Root Cause Since 2006 with 40+ Years of In-house Expertise

Making of Amrutam Products

Health is Beauty

we offer both application-based and consumables for holistic healing inside out.

40+ Years of Expertise

Amrutam brings along decades-long experience and expertise in the Ayurveda Industry. Inspired by the Vedic Principles and being in sync with nature, our unique and authentic formulations are infused with raw herbs that address the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.

We are cruelty-free, ethically-sourced and lovingly curated one-stop solution for your health and beauty needs. Certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, PETA and USFDA.

Awards & Accomplishments

Top 100 D2C Brand 2022 by Indian Retailer

Top 500 D2C Challenger Brands of India by YourStory Media

Betting Big On Community

Gwalior, where Amrutam originated, a city at the heart of India, has a rich history of music. We featured 7 musicians from Gwalior Gharana to empower and uplift the beauty of our cultural and architectural heritage.

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