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Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt

Amrutam Nari Sondarya Malt | Complete Care for Women's Health and Beauty

Rs. 7,272.00From Rs. 711.00
It is recommended that all Ayurvedic herbal supplements are used for a minimum of three to six months for best results. Collated from the ancient texts of Vedas, this recipe...
Amrutam Ayurveda Lifestyle Book

Ayurveda Lifestyle | The Beginning Book

From Rs. 100.00
● Amrutam’s Ayurveda Lifestyle is a perfect guide designed by Team Amrutam for healthy living enthusiasts who wish to embark on the journey of Ayurveda for holistic well-being. ● From...
Amrutam Madhu Panchamrut

Amrutam Madhu Panchamrut | Herbs Enriched Honey

From Rs. 65.00
Bring all the herbal goodness and sweetness into your home with our Amrutam's Madhu Panchamrut. After using it you might just say, “the results are un-bee-lievable!” Consumption Benefits Treats Sore Throat, Cold,...
Sexual Health & Wellness | E-Book

Sexual Health & Wellness | E-Book

Rs. 11.00
● After receiving an overwhelming response on our Instagram on themes surrounding Sexual Health & Wellness, we composed an E-Book with their detailed compilation. ● This book covers the following...
1 X Sexual Health & Wellness | E-Book
1 X Sexual Health & Wellness | E-Book
Amrutam Nari Sondarya Oil

Amrutam Nari Sondarya Oil | Enhances Beauty and Health of Women

Rs. 549.00
Amrutam Nari Sondarya Oil restores and retains your skin’s youthful glow without being oily and sticky. Primary Benefits Helpful for Acne, Wrinkles, and Stretch Marks. Secondary Benefits Improves Skin Health, Treats Sun Tan,...
200 ML
200 ML
Amrutam Zeo Malt

Amrutam Zeo Malt | Key Remedy for Chronic Stomach Problems

From Rs. 549.00
Amrutam Zeo Malt is a medicinal herbal jam that helps you through various stomach issues due to the increase in acidity and decrease in the stomach’s pH balance. Primary Benefits...
Amrutam Gulkand

Amrutam Gulkand | Ayurvedic Rose Petals Jam

From Rs. 209.00
Amrutam Gulkand offers the right hint of sweetness to your life with roses handpicked from our own Amrutam Vatika and preserved to make the perfect herbal rose jam enriched with antioxidants...
Amrutam B-Feral Gold Malt

Amrutam B Feral Gold Malt | Herbal Immunity Booster For Stamina and Sexual Health

Rs. 1,899.00
Amrutam B-Feral Gold Malt is a herbal jam that improves Men’s Sexual Health. Primary Benefits Boosts Male Sexual Stamina, Improves Immunity, Helps Overcome the Psychology Causes of Erectile Dysfunction Secondary Benefits Increases Fertility,...
400 GM
400 GM
Amrutam’s Chawanprash

Amrutam Chawanprash | Ancient Ayurvedic Recipe for your Overall Health

From Rs. 1,199.00
Amrutam’s Chawanprash is an age-old recipe with a modern touch. Freshly sourced from the Amrutam Vatika, it has homegrown Ayurvedic Ingredients that are rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. Tap into nostalgia with a...
Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt

Amrutam Brainkey Gold Malt | A Natural Formula for your Mental Immunity

From Rs. 749.00
Amrutam’s Brainkey Gold Malt is a crafted blend of Ayurvedic herbs, a game-changer for building mental immunity. Primary Benefits Improves the Sleep Cycle, Improves Memory and Concentration, and Heals Chronic...
Amrutam Triphala Churna

Amrutam Triphala Churna | Ayurvedic Tridosha Balancer

Rs. 329.00
Amrutam Triphala Churna is a herbal blend of three fruits: Amla, Bibhitaki and Haritaki, which enhance metabolism, digestive functions, and blood purifying. Primary Benefits Enhances Metabolism and Digestive Functions, Purifies...
150 GM
150 GM
Amrutam's Reusable Cotton Face Mask

Amrutam Face Mask | Cotton, White, Opaque

Rs. 69.00
Amrutam's reusable cotton face mask helps keep you safe from pollution and bacteria present in the air, not to mention that it also cuts down our carbon footprint!
Amrutam’s Dentkey Manjan

Amrutam Dentkey Manjan | Ayurvedic Tooth Powder

Rs. 179.00
Amrutam Dentkey Manjan is a Vedic recipe made with a blend of herbs and spices that have proven beneficial in maintaining oral health. Primary Benefits Treats Oral Ailments like Bleeding...
40 GM
40 GM
Amrutam Keyliv Malt | A Complete Care for Liver

Amrutam Keyliv Malt | A Complete Care for Liver

From Rs. 649.00
Collated from the ancient texts of Vedas, Amrutam Keyliv Malt is a complete care for your liver health. Primary Benefits Prevents and Helps in All Forms of Liver Disorders, Detoxifies Internally Secondary Benefits...
Amrutam Orthokey Oil

Amrutam Orthokey Oil | Useful in All Types of Body Pain

Rs. 499.00
Amrutam Orthokey Oil s a medicinal Ayurvedic formulation. It is just the kind of pain-killer you need, with no side effects, only side benefits. Primary Benefits Helpful in All Kinds...
200 ML
200 ML
Amrutam Orthokey Gold Malt

Amrutam Orthokey Gold Malt | Key Remedy for Orthopedic Management

From Rs. 749.00
Amrutam Orthokey Gold Malt is a blend of some of the finest herbs known for treating Orthopedic problems. Primary Benefits Helpful in Joint Pain, Osteoporosis, Muscle Weakness/Pain, Chronic Backaches Secondary...
Amrutam Ashwagandha Churna

Amrutam Ashwagandha Churna | Ayurvedic Energy Booster

Rs. 319.00
“Ashwa” in Sanskrit means Horse - this name derives from Ashwagandha’s ability to give you energy like a horse. Amrutam Ashwagandha Churna is a natural Ayurvedic recipe that improves both...
Kayakey Body Oil | Ayurvedic Blend For Body Massage

Amrutam Kayakey Body Oil | Ayurvedic Blend For Body Massage

From Rs. 299.00
Amrutam Kayakey Body Oil is a fusion of some of nature’s finest herbs and oils, giving your skin all the love and care it needs. Primary Benefits Deeply Nourishes and...
Amrutam Lozenge Malt

Amrutam Lozenge Malt | Remedy for Respiratory Complaints

From Rs. 699.00
Amrutam Lozenge Malt is an Ayurvedic medicinal recipe crafted with the goodness of Tulsi, Vasa, Mulethi, Pushkarmool and Tribhuvan Kirti Ras. It is an effective remedy for chronic cough, cold, sinusitis,...
Amrutam Gold Malt

Amrutam Gold Malt | A Powerful Immunity Booster for All Ages

From Rs. 799.00
Amrutam Gold Malt is a blend of some of the finest herbs for easy-to-use integration into your modern lifestyle. Enjoy the best of these nutrient-rich ingredients for holistic well-being!  Primary Benefits...

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