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For Hotels, Businesses and Resorts

Amrutam’s range of holistic personal care recipes creates an immersive and stimulating experience that gently heals and nourishes the body and mind.

Based on ancient Ayurvedic texts and teachings of the sages

Our are carefully designed to suit the needs of our modern-day lifestyle. Our AYUSH, USFDA, and PETA-certified formulations have been trusted by over 10 lakh individuals since our journey in 2006. 

Handpicked from various farms and forests

We don’t just pack you a bottle of exotic herbal ingredients; we send you a mixture made out of love, care, and most importantly, prayers.

20+ products for hair, skin, and body care

Our collections of hotels, businesses, and resorts consist of 30 ML travel packs of 20+ products for hair, skin, and body care. Some of our best-selling recipes include DIY hair spas, face clean-up, and body cleansers. 

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