Our Story - The Journey of Amrutam

The Origins of Amrutam

Based out of the globally-known, culturally-rich town of Gwalior, Amrutam is the brainchild of Sh. Ashok and Smt. Chandrakanta Gupta.

As an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Brand and Wellness Community, Amrutam’s goal has always been to bring together a community of individuals who are as passionate about Ayurveda and natural living.

Literally translating to the‘Elixir of Life’, Amrutam’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring.

What began as a fascination towards Ayurveda, spirituality and the journey of knowing and healing the self through nature, Amrutam’s founders soon found themselves immersed deeply in the world of ancient sciences. It began with collecting books and texts.

Slowly and gradually, through intensive research and understanding of the Ayurvedic texts, things began to unfold.

After decoding Sanskrit and its poetic meters, aided with knowledge gathered through travels and enchanting experiences, and amassing anecdotes from saints and sages, we found answers for a healthy life in nature: Nature is Us. We are Nature.

Health is Beauty

This means: if you are healthy, you are beautiful.
This is why, our products are aimed at making you ‘feel’ healthier and thus, beautiful than just focusing on the external appearances.

The human body is so much more than just limbs and bones. In fact, according to the principles of Ayurveda, there lies a whole universe within the human body.

Our health is based on four pillars – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. And the equilibrium of all is a pathway to achieve enlightenment. Hence, we strongly believe in and endorse the idea – Health is Beauty.

Having learned the significance of the healing powers of nature and the positive vibrations that surround us, we have realized that beauty lies in good health.

Amrutam Products

Amrutam Recipes have been developed by modifying the ancient wisdom in the Vedas and age-old texts to suit the needs of the modern lifestyle.
“If one were to look well enough, we could find solutions to all our problems in the texts left behind by our ancestors,” adds Mr. Gupta.

The main idea behind establishing Amrutam can be attributed to the dwindling faith of people in Ayurveda. In his travels,Mr. Ashok Gupta, founding principal of Amrutam, observed that most Ayurvedic formulations available commercially had substantial amounts ofglucose and sugar in their formulations,forcing the medicinal herbs and spices in the recipe to a backseat role.

He wanted to create Ayurvedic products that contained optimal concentrations of herbal extracts that could efficiently cure the patient.

As a direct consequence of this ideology and support from his wife, Amrutam boasts an impressive repertoire of Malts and other Ayurvedic formulations designed to provide relief for most known physical and mental ailments.

The first-ever product curated at Amrutam was Madhu-Panchamrut – a bottle of honey enriched with topical herbs, back at the time of its inception. Today, Amrutam boasts a rich, distinguished and continually expanding range of over 115 products!

From delicate skin-care to hair-care to Ayurvedic malts and gourmet drinks and consumables – with each recipe,we curate experiences that make you feel closer to yourself.

Did you know that Ayurvedic malts are enriched with 50+ ingredients and take weeks, sometimes months to prepare to get the essence of herbs right? Only natural sweeteners are added in the recipes in the form of jaggery and honey!

Certification and Ethical Sourcing

Unlike medicines that only treat symptoms, Amrutam’s Ayurvedic products work on the root cause of the ailment rather than treating just the symptoms.

All of Amrutam Recipes are certified by the Ministry of AYUSH.

One of our bestsellers

The Kuntal Care Do-it-yourself Hair Spa

has reached over 30,000 families in India and has become the most loved DIY recipe for families across the country.

As one of our community members rightly put, it is a “magic potion in a bottle”.

Amrutam Vatika

Spanning over a vast area, Amrutam Vatika is situated at the outskirts of Gwalior and is an abode to myriad species of medicinal plants and herbs.

Keeping in mind the importance of authentic and superior quality ingredients, we ethically source herbs and spices from all across the country, going as far as Karnataka in down south and Gujarat in the west.

Many of the ingredients are grown in our own gardens which we lovingly call the Amrutam Vatika.

Creation Process

All the ingredients we use are handpicked and carefully preserved. Later they are subjected to rigorous qualitative tests before they are purified and used for subsequent recipes. 

The process of creation of each recipe is largely extensive and begins with the thorough cleansing of each ingredient. The ingredients are washed and dried and then cooked for as long it as takes to maximize their benefits.

Immense care is practiced throughout the whole process and all Amrutam Recipes are made by hand to ensure human connection.

We firmly believe that the potency that comes from making each formulation by hand can never be replicated by machines.

At Amrutam Factory, special emphasis is also given to harboring positive thoughts. While making recipes, we always think and carry positive thoughts because thoughts become energies.

And this energy is transferred into the process of creation. We only want positive energy to reach the person using or consuming any of Amrutam’s products. Positive thoughts are just as important as positive actions,” explains Mrs. Chandrakanta Gupta in an interview.

Scientific Testing and Quality Assurance

Recognizing the importance of scientific testing and analysis, Amrutam Factory has been built with Quality Assurance and Testing Laboratories with requisite equipment and modules.

All our recipes are thoroughly tested and are 100% Ayurvedic with absolutely no side effects. 

Long before Amrutam converted into an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Brand and Wellness Community from a local business, our recipes have been highly recommended and prescribed by Ayurveda doctors and healers as part of their treatment.

With the finest herbs and most potent of spices, our formulations are immensely therapeutic and eliminate the possibility of relapse; they have helped and continue to help thousands of people across the globe in leading a healthier and longer life.

Our Ethos and Values

Since the inception of Amrutam as a brand, immense emphasis has been placed on the values of family and togetherness. Hence, the hashtag – #AmrutamFamily!

Over the years, during the course of its working, Amrutam has cultivated strong familial bonds – be it within Amrutam Office with people who have literally grown up with Amrutam or between Amrutam Contributors who work from faraway places and seldom sit face-to-face.

Empathy is religiously practiced, and thus, sincerity with work never takes a back seat because of the flexible and understanding atmosphere.

At the core, Amrutam is just a big, giant family of Ayurveda lovers who find strength and courage in exploring new avenues with each other.

Following an Unconventional Pattern

What also sets Amrutam apart from other brands is that it does not follow the structure or hierarchy of any conventional brand, making it one of the most sought-after brands for today’s young people!

No one is a boss and no one is an employee.

There’s a mutual understanding among everyone and goals are set early on. Work commences and is carried as per the pace of each individual and there’s more than ample opportunity for growth.

“Team Amrutam has always exhibited immeasurable faith in my work and vision. The creative autonomy and liberty to express my thoughts into photos have been really rewarding,” says Amrutam’s editorial photographer Gopi Vadsak.

Breaking the Norm

Amrutam has always believed in expanding beyond its identity as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Brand.

Given our vision to build a community of natural living enthusiasts, we started a blog-segment – ‘Rediscovering Ayurveda’– dedicated to learning how modern-day practitioners perceive Ayurveda.

Our blog series titled Amrutam Nari was initiated as a humble effort to celebrate the wonderful women who are performing phenomenally in their respective fields.

We also regularly post interesting and informative articles on the various types of ingredients we use in our products along with their benefits and usage.

Growth and Initiatives

- In 2020, we launched our first Amrutam Sadasya Program – a membership-based program that brought people from all across the world together into a closely-knit group.

- We also organized the Health is Beauty Contest to encourage and support the up-and-coming creators and artists and bring forth visual art on the theme of health and beauty.

- Commensurate with its motto to serve society, Amrutam has donated large amounts of Ayurvedic formulations and powders to those in need.

- Realizing the need to inculcate sustainable practices in our processes, we also started the #AmrutamRecycle Project,through which we have re-used over 5,000 PET bottles in 2020 alone.

- To ensure that our community members are able to incorporate Ayurveda easily into their lives, we broke our backs and came up with a wholesome Ayurveda Lifestyle Kit with a curated book called Ayurveda Lifestyle: The Beginning.

- Along the same lines, we launched Amrutam.Global– a platform that bridged the gap between alternative health practitioners and those seeking a holistic living.

- Our adorable chatbot AMRU was also launched to make the browsing experience easier for our community.

- To promote Hindustani Classical music and local artists of Gwalior, we are also currently working on the#AmrutamRaga Projectwhich is an attempt to highlight the immense talent we possess.

- Having realized early on that good health cannot be achieved without good mental health, we started a mental health podcast called Rediscovering Self with Amrutam that addresses the daily ramblings of the mind and focuses on a symptom or experience in each episode.

- As part of the social responsibility program, Amrutam has been donating 1% of our sales receipts to Balaji Institute of Surgery, Research and Rehabilitation for the Disabled (BIRRD) – a Tirupati-based trust.

Recognitions and Media

- Over the years, we have received an incredulous amount of love and support from our community. We have been very fortunate to have internet personalities like Aashna Shroff, Roshani Bhatia, Kusha Kapila, Natasha Noel, Masoom Minawala Mehta, among many, many others as part of our #AmrutamFamily!

- Our efforts have also been recognized by inspiring artists and public figures including Neha Dhupia, Shilpa Shetty and Soha Ali Khan.

- Amrutam as a brand has been highly raved about and featured in popular magazines and media like GQ India, HuffPost, Livingetc, CNN Traveller, Tweak India, Deccan Herald, LBB, YouStory, Weddingz.in, and SheThePeople.

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