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Have you ever felt like you had it all figured out, only for life to spontaneously take you in a completely unexpected direction? That's precisely what happened to Ankit - a young, passionate coder who thought he knew exactly where his passion was taking him, until an unplanned detour led him somewhere he never could have imagined.

But that's the funny thing about life – it has a way of surprising us in the best ways possible.

Where It All Began

"I was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, into an Army family due to my father's service. Consequently, my childhood was adorned with experiences across various cities like Lucknow, Nagpur, Hisar (Haryana), and Jodhpur (Rajasthan)."

Ankit's childhood was a bit of a whirlwind. With his dad's job in the Army, the family moved around a lot, living in places all over North India. All that moving gave Ankit an appreciation for different cultures and made him a pretty curious kid – qualities that would serve him well later on.

The Coding Bug Bites

So when coding found its way into his school curriculum in 11th grade, it wasn't just another subject for Ankit - it was a passion finally unlocked. C++ was the gateway that opened the door to an entire universe of possibilities. Suddenly, the monotony of schoolwork faded away, replaced by endless potential as Ankit dreamed up and built new creations through code.

From learning C++ to mastering the ins and outs of Java, Ankit was hooked.

College Days and New Adventures

College only amplified his obsession. While trudging through that "boring slog" of first-year fundamentals, Ankit found inspiration in his code-crazed seniors. He lived, breathed, and dreamed in Java, web development, and every skill he could get his hands on.

In his mind, coding was his predetermined path, his singular life's calling. While scouring the internet for his perfect coding internship, he stumbled upon something utterly unexpected - a company called Amrutam offering remote roles for passionate developers like himself. 

The Amrutam Connection

By his third year, Ankit was eager to take his coding skills to the next level. That's when he stumbled upon Amrutam while searching for internship opportunities. Not only did Amrutam align with his love for programming, but it was also a company that promoted holistic wellness through Ayurveda – something that really resonated with Ankit.

"I discovered Amrutam while searching for remote working opportunities that aligned with my passion for coding. Since June 23rd, I've been proud to be part of the #AmrutamFamily, contributing my skills to help Amrutam achieve its vision of promoting holistic wellness through Ayurveda."

From the Amrutam Ayurveda App that empowered people to incorporate ancient remedies into their daily lives, to the Doctor App that gave Ayurvedic practitioners a powerful new platform, Ankit found himself channeling his coding brilliance into promoting India's age-old wellness traditions.


A Nurturing Environment

What Ankit appreciates most about Amrutam is the supportive, family-like environment.

"Amrutam stands out for its inclusive and supportive environment, where every individual is valued and treated like family," he says.

It's a place where collaboration, innovation, and personal growth are encouraged, making it the perfect fit for someone like Ankit who's always eager to learn and grow.

Lessons Learned and Dreams Ahead

Working at Amrutam has taught Ankit the importance of having a learning mindset.

"Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth, and embracing this mindset has allowed me to continuously evolve and improve as a professional," he reflects.

As for the future, Ankit has big dreams.

"In 2024, I aim to further enhance my coding skills, learn about AI and Machine Learning, contribute meaningfully to Amrutam's success, and travel to some adventurous places with my friends."

He wants to keep pushing himself while also embracing new adventures and living life to the fullest.

A Message to the readers

In the end, Ankit's story is one of inspiration and self-belief.

"Never underestimate the power of your potential," he says. "Each day is a canvas waiting for your unique touch. Embrace challenges with resilience, seek growth in every experience, and remember to cherish the journey as much as the destination."

For Ankit, joining Amrutam has been an unexpected but incredibly rewarding journey. It's a place where he's found a community that supports his passions, nurtures his growth, and empowers him to reach his full potential. And that's a pretty amazing thing to find, no matter where life's path takes you.


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