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Among the many things that make Amrutam such a loved brand, our seamless customer experience stands truly unique. And the one who makes it possible is Pooja Baliga, our Customer Happiness Architect. 

Born and raised in Udupi, the city of beaches, Pooja comes from a computer science background and has previously worked with the Manipal group. She has been part of Team Amrutam since December 2021. 

A life-changing coincident

Interestingly, Pooja hadn’t heard of Amrutam until then. It was one random day, as she scrolled through Instagram, eager to find the perfect formula for her worsening hair health, that she stumbled upon the brand’s page. 

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Pooja Baliga | Amrutam Contributors

“I discovered @amrutamofficial and was captivated by the storytelling. Soon, I learned about the brand’s story. How Ashok uncle had started it as a family business many years ago and the way his children Stuti and Agnim built it online from the ground up. I remember feeling really inspired,” recalls Pooja when asked how she learned about Amrutam. 

This unexpected and brief encounter piqued Pooja’s curiosity to explore the brand deeper. She clicked on the link in bio to find out more and it took her to a section called ‘Work with Us’ with an opening for a customer happiness team member. 

Call it fate or coincidence. Because landing on that page completely changed the course of Pooja’s life! 

At the time, she had been actively searching for a remote job. Without further ado, Pooja immediately applied for the job. And after a few rounds of interviews, she joined the team as you know her today - our Customer Happiness Architect! 

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A glimpse into her life

However, Pooja’s work is not limited to the customer support department alone. She works closely with the logistics and operations team at the office, while also facilitating collaborations with the marketing and PR department. Her work stands at the centre of every action we take as a brand and intersects with all departments. 

“There are many things I love about Amrutam. I feel that I learn and gain knowledge every day. Be it about emerging technologies or exposure to recent business developments. I have also realized the importance of being patient.”

Unlike other places where you are forced to do work you don’t really enjoy, says Pooja, at Amrutam there is ample space for flexibility and dialogue about creative ideas.

“There is a strong sense of trust within the organization. Our customers also trust us deeply and are true loyalists!” she adds. Pooja also values the autonomy she receives at work and believes it to be an integral part of the culture at Amrutam. 

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Seeking inspiration

Pooja’s loved ones describe her as someone who enjoys multi-tasking. She is self-assured and takes her work seriously and sincerely. During a long day, nothing quite satiates her like a restful nap. 

Pooja Baliga | Amrutam Contributors

A woman of few words, Pooja is deeply influenced by Sudha Murthy, an author and philanthropist. 

“Sudha ji is such a famous personality, known for her contributions to underprivileged people. And yet she is down to earth and keen to give back to society. I find her humility really inspiring.” 

Though materialistic by nature, this year, Pooja is trying to cultivate an internal sense of joy and comfort while focusing on her health and fitness. 

Her message for the readers is to keep an open mind and make the most of our limited time on this planet. “Always explore new things and never stop learning. Do more of what makes you happy!”

Also, if you're still wondering what happened to Pooja's search for the perfect formula for her health, it ended right when she first tried the legendary Kuntal Care Hair Spa! It made my hair really soft and gave it a good texture while also reducing hair fall dramatically," shares Pooja. 

If you haven't had a chance to try the product, order today. 


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