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With her creative flair and strategic mindset, Rakshika, our Community and Marketplace architect, has skillfully constructed bridges between Amrutam and its audience for the past three and a half years. Here’s a journey to make you believe in the universe and its magical ways.

A Serendipitous Meeting

The journey started when she was 15 and came across Stuti’s (Principal- Brand and Vision) profile on Facebook. She immediately communicated with her and connected with her writing. Little did she know that this encounter would begin a transformative journey that would later bring her to Amrutam

As an avid reader, she admired Stuti's authentic writing and discovered they were from the same school. With a leap of faith, she contacted Stuti and began a friendship online.

Years later, she had the opportunity to meet Stuti as part of her work at Gramiksha, an NGO that worked for children's education. Walking through the doors, she felt a mix of excitement and nervousness. Finally, meeting someone whose work had greatly influenced her was surreal. 

Professional Connection and Growth

In 2018, while working at the Times of India, she recognised the perfect fit for an interview opportunity—an entrepreneur from her city. The only name that came across her mind was Stuti’s.

She reached out to Stuti, who graciously agreed to the interview. Their professional association grew stronger, and they stayed in touch. Rakshika was looking to explore different writing genres and reached out to Amrutam. Fortunately, the team was also looking for freelance writers to work with. This led to an assignment offer from Stuti, which marked her official involvement with Amrutam.

She joined as a content writer in December 2019 and started working on Rediscovering Ayurveda, interviewing yoga and Ayurveda practitioners worldwide. During this time, she identified the power of community building and how it brought together people transcending culture and boundaries and began working as the Community Architect in July 2020. 

“Although I was working as a content writer, a large part of my work was also talking to people, which I enjoyed doing. It gave me a sense of belongingness! I could see the value that Amrutam was creating in people’s lives.”

Juggling multiple responsibilities including internships, and college, her passion for Amrutam propelled her. Still a law student at the time, Rakshika often felt conflicted about her passion for writing and her interest in learning the intricacies of the legal system. Finally, trusting her instincts and embracing the possibilities that came with diving into the unknown, she joined Amrutam full-time as the Community and Marketplace Architect in February 2022.

Today, Rakshika works closely with Stuti, whom she also considers her mentor and guide. She collaborates with different departments like customer happiness, finance, operations and marketplaces while taking on diverse tasks falling under marketing and communications. 

A Culture of Autonomy and Inspiration

According to Rakshika, Amrutam's work environment has fostered autonomy, trust, and creativity. She has always been treated as an adult with her mind and ideas. The pressure of being micro-managed for a creative person is haunting. But at Amrutam, she feels empowered by being treated as an equal.

This culture instilled a sense of ownership and motivation within her, allowing her to flourish creatively. She has started the Amrutam Nari and Amrutam Contributors blog series, conducting interviews with over 50 individuals. Additionally, she has curated 10+ ebooks.

Furthermore, she has been pivotal in conceptualising and executing some of the most successful brand campaigns, including Amrutam's Sixth Anniversary, and World Yoga Day.

Alignment of Values

One aspect she deeply appreciated about Amrutam was its alignment with her upbringing and values. Growing up in a middle-class family, she learned the importance of nurturing relationships, being kind, and pursuing excellence. These values mirrored the ethos of Amrutam, creating a resonance that fueled her dedication to the brand.

“I grew up in a simple middle-class family. My parents always taught me to value and nurture the relationships in life, practice kindness and pursue excellence. There was also a lot of emphasis on health and wellness. So, working with a brand that believes in the idea of ‘Health is Beauty’ felt like a natural fit.”

Her association with Amrutam influenced her professional life and transformed her personally. Immersed in Ayurveda, she became more conscious of her well-being and developed a deeper understanding of holistic living. 

Outside of work, she likes cooking, trying different types of food, and reading, which allows her to explore other facets of her personality. She mentions, “Anyone who knows me knows I live for food. Food is the greatest love of my life.”

To maintain balance, she embraces a structured routine. Early mornings are dedicated to rituals such as meditation, chanting, and a peaceful walk. Journaling helps her reflect and organise her thoughts, while breakfast with her family fosters connection and moments of peace. 

Navigating Setbacks and Growth

While she thrives in new environments, setbacks test her resilience. She is learning to manage self-critical reactions and cultivate self-compassion.

Values of hard work and kindness cultivated by her family have played a vital role in shaping her character. Rakshika also has been deeply influenced by Naval Ravikant and often resorts to his teachings and theories while navigating life's complexities.

Earlier this year, Rakshika set her sights on one of the most coveted fellowships - the Young India Fellowship—and secured a spot in the esteemed program. 

Her journey with Amrutam has been an enriching and fulfilling experience and has ended as she goes onto a new path of learning and great experiences.

She is also keen on expanding her horizons holistically. Rakshika mentions, “I want to work on my spiritual health and explore different mediums to go deeper in my meditation practice.”

Combining her passion for Ayurveda with her creative and analytical skills, she made valuable contributions to the brand's growth. The autonomy, trust, and opportunities for personal and professional development have shaped her into a dedicated and resilient individual.

Grateful for the chance to work alongside talented colleagues, she continues to align herself with a brand that resonates deeply with her values. Through Amrutam, she discovered the beauty of Ayurveda and the beauty within herself.

Lastly, her message to the readers

“Don’t live mindlessly, and don't let life happen to you. Take charge and think of the long-term goals that you want to achieve. Everything around you is created to make your life comfortable, preventing you from using your mind. Your brain is overstimulated, but your body is not moving enough. Take charge now and take risks while you are still young and do not have a lot to lose.” 



2 thoughts on “Amrutam Contributors X Rakshika Aphale



April 25, 2024 at 16:16pm
Vishwas Aphale

I appreciate AMRUTAM family for their motivating behaviour, inspiring & caring for people and for having such great environment. Best wishes to Rakshika for beginning of her new journey.

April 25, 2024 at 16:15pm

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