5 Essential Tips to get Holi-ready this 2019

With Holi around the corner, it’s time to guard your skin with products to avoid the aftermath. After all, when playing with colors, we expose our skin to harmful chemicals. Even if you switch to organic colors, you are still baring yourself to harsh external factors. Let’s not forget the inevitable efforts it will take to remove the colors from your skin. Since your face and skin will be exposed to external factors such as colors, heat, and dust, it makes even more sense to protect it beforehand.

Don’t you worry! We have created a checklist for you to prepare your skin before playing Holi. Here’s what you could do:

Apply Waterproof Sunscreen

The first step is to wear water-resistant sunscreen on your skin. The best time to apply sun cream is right after your morning shower- for it to get absorbed well. Make sure your sun blocker has an SPF of at least 30 so that you can avoid suntan and burns, especially during the afternoon. You could apply Amrutam’s Ashtagandh Body Lotion that works as your essential beauty aid.


The next step is to apply a generous amount of moisturizer or oil on your face and body. Give yourself a nice massage for it to penetrate into your skin. This will not only act as a protective layer between your skin and colors but also make it easy to remove the colors later. Amrutam offers Nari Saundarya Oil and Kayakey Body Oil that work as natural barriers for the skin.

Use Cotton Clothing

Opt for loose-fitting cotton clothes. Breathable fabrics, such as cotton, are not only comfortable to wear but also prevent rashes and allergic reactions. While synthetic clothing does dry quickly, they don’t allow your skin to breathe and may also have adverse reactions when they come in contact with colors.

Ensure that you are fully covered. It is advisable to wear full-sleeve kurtas, T-shirts or tops, trousers, salwars, full-length joggers, and so on. Also, try to wear dark colored clothes. Doing so will ensure that the colors don’t affect your skin so easily. If, however, you feel you want to wear shorts, etc., (because, why not?), do follow the other tips in this    listicle.

Don’t Forget your Nails, Eyelids, Lips, And Ears

Do not neglect these areas as colors, etc. can settle around your nails, eyelids, lips, and ears. It can get difficult to remove the colors from these delicate parts. Coat these areas with a little petroleum jelly or oil to keep them moisturized and to prevent the colors from settling in. Use cotton swabs to apply oil or petroleum jelly on them. Also, trim your nail and apply a dark nail paint. This will stop the colors from settling in, and eventually, ingesting into your digestive system.

Hydrate yourself Well

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Lastly, keep sipping water, juice, glucose, and so on throughout the day. Even if you are having alcohol, make sure you have enough water between the drinks. Alcohol adds to dehydration and puffiness. And, dehydrated skin can lead to dryness and inflammation.

Here's hoping that you truly enjoy the celebration of colors and take equal care of your skin and health. So, are you Holi-ready?


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