6 Amrutam Interesting Facts about Daksha Prajapati

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It`s a Thursday!

Welcome back to Amrutam`s learning day.
On Thursdays, we learn about people associated with Ayurveda, Mythology, about Sages, Rishis, and Gods.

So far we have learned about Charaka, Sushruta, Sage Kashyapa, Sage Bharadwaja and a few more.

Don`t worry, if you have missed reading these ones, you can visit our blog and read anytime.

Today, we will learn about Daksha Prajapati.

Daksha Prajapati was one of the first Human Beings created to populate the planet.

Here are 6 Amrutam Interesting Facts about Daksha Prajapati:

#1. Son Of Brahma

Daksha, according to Hindu Mythology, is the son of Brahma. Brahma, who is the creator of this universe.  Lord Brahma, after creating his ten Manasputras, created Daksha.

Daksha was created from Brahma`s right thumb.

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#2. The Honest One

The word Daksha, literally means the one who is dexterous, able and honest.

#3. Prajapati
Daksha is known as a Prajapati because he was amongst the first nine creations of Lord Brahma. First, nine creations of Lord Brahma created for the purpose of populating the world.

#4. God of Procreation

Daksha, according to a mythological legend is also considered as a God of Procreation. 

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#5. Ayurveda & Daksha

According to Hindu Mythology, the founder of Ayurveda is considered to be Lord Brahma.
Lord Brahma, the mythological creator of the universe who then passed on his knowledge of Ayurveda to his son- Daksha.
Daksha, in turn, passed the sacred knowledge of Ayurveda to Ashwini Kumaras.

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