6 Amrutam Ways to Protect yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

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We’ve come to love our cell-phones, let’s accept it. And, let’s accept that what we might be sharing with our cell phones might be more than love, it is a form of addiction- nomophobia, which affecting our lives crazily. It is deterring a healthy lifestyle which we can practice otherwise.


INTERESTING AMRUTAM FACT: Nomophobia is an irrational fear which we carry in our everyday lives, a fear which makes it difficult for us to live without our cell phones.

We wake up with our cell phones, we sleep with our phones. We keep them under our pillows or around, waiting for the last message that our dear one might would have sent. Having our cell phones so close to our selves all the time can have drastic affects on our health. Cell phones generate radiations which are harmful for our health. There has been active debate going on globally about the radiations from cellular phones and their impact on human health, some major areas of research have been blood flow in our brain, cancer and male fertility.

A research study undertaken by the California Department of Public Health mentions lower sperm count, brain tumor as major concerns related to cell phone usage. Excessive cell-phone usage because of electromagnetic radiation can also cause a potential damage to our learning abilities, our memory, hearing, behavior, and sleep.

According to Electrosmog Prevention Organisation, we can prevent high radiation by using our cell phones when we have higher signals, as lower signals imply high radiation.

Here are few Amrutam ways which can help you prevent the ill effects of Cell Phone Radiations:

#1 Start Texting instead of Talking

As absurd it might be for some of us, texting can help us prevent the radiations and as it helps us to keep our phone away from our bodies. If the phone is far away from our body, the radiations will be lesser.

#2 Let it Ring, until the person answers your phone call

We should keep the cell phone away from ourselves, as much as possible. So when you are calling from your cell phone, you should avoid putting it to your ear until the time the other person has answered it.

#3 Go Loud, use your phone on speaker mode while calling

Whenever possible, you should try and keep your cell phone on speaker mode while calling, as it will help you to keep yourself away from your cell phone.

#4 Use Turmeric in your food

A Research study has shown that turmeric can be very effective in reducing the DNA damage caused by cell phone radiations. And, also helpful in reducing tumor. You should also eat two spoon of Brainkey Gold Malt daily, to build your mental immunity.

 #5 An Apple a day keeps cell phone radiation away

The pectin, a dietary fiber contained in apple, can help in therapeutic removal of radioactive waves absorbed by our body. Also, you should eat two spoons of Amrutam Gold Malt daily with warm milk, to boost your immunity. Amrutam Gold Malt contains Apple (Seb Murabba) and it is a powerful immunity booster for all ages.

#6 Add Garlic to your Recipes

Garlic is a herb, which is used worldwide. Its antioxidant compound, allicin can help in protecting our bodies from harmful effect of cell phone radiation.

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