7 Beauty Myths Exposed

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Ponder upon this: Do you really know about skincare or haircare or are you just following the latest fad? You have your answer. You tend to follow the trend until it doesn’t become a part of your wardrobe or lifestyle. Beauty trend is one such example.


We all have the tendency of reading a model’s or social media influencer’s beauty regime and buying all the products as showcased by her. But does the cream suit your skin? Did the hair serum live up to its claim? It’s all right. We are all in the same boat.


This article is an attempt to debunk seven generally believed myths about beauty products. Read on to know more.


Myth 1: Famous brands are more effective

Don’t get tricked by the popularity of the brand. A beauty product is helpful only because of its chemical composition. It is important to be aware of the chemical ingredients mentioned in the product label to prevent any reaction or allergies.

External factors such as price, brand name, or the department store selling it don’t determine the usefulness of the product.


Myth 2: Anti-aging creams work their magic

For the record, there is no such cream that prevents aging. The cream that is getting marketed only keeps your skin flexible, averts pigmentation, and makes wrinkles less visible. While anti-aging creams may be your quick-fix, they can’t replace the value of a healthy lifestyle and mindset.


Myth 3: Anti-cellulite products give positive results

If that were the case, why do we still use Photoshop? There is no scientific data or cosmetic product that can help you remove cellulite. Your diet and exercise may impact the amount of fat that gets deposited under your skin. But anti-cellulite products are not that effective.


Myth 4: It is safe to get a suntan

No. Whether you want to get a tan on a beach or by using a sunbed, it is not healthy for your skin. If you want to flaunt a ‘fake tan’, use a spray tan instead.


Myth 5: Creams help to nullify dark circles, wrinkles, and stretch marks

There is still a long way to go before cosmetics can help to get completely rid of sagging skin or unwelcome folds. There is no cosmetic product that is fully capable of getting rid of stretch marks, wrinkles, or dark circles. You can opt for Botox or other serious treatments, but that’s a totally different discussion altogether.


Myth 6: Use sunblock only on the beach


 Sunscreen has a multitude of benefits. It helps to prevent wrinkles, discoloration, and the loss of suppleness and collagen. But don’t just apply it only in summers. Your sunblock cream should be used even in winters. You can apply our Ashtagandh Body Lotion on your face and skin all year long.


Myth 7: You can dye your hair without damaging it

We all want to experiment with hair colors. But hair dyes remove the natural pigment of your hair and replace it with a different color. It makes sense to opt for natural dyes, such as henna, that don’t damage your hair follicles and shafts.

Now that you are aware of some of the myths, don’t believe any rumor without doing your own research. Taking care of your skin and hair is a tricky game, but it just takes a little extra effort to make it worthwhile. Do the needful!


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