7 Easy Ways to Take Better Care of You

Stop what are doing right now and take a moment to check on your inner child. Now is the time to ask her: ‘Are you okay?’ or ‘Do you want me to do something for you?’. Doing so could unfold areas of emotional self-care that you may have overlooked. After all, you deserve to make yourself a priority.

In case you are wondering how to nurture yourself more, then that quest ends right here. We have outlined seven simple practices that will help you to improve your mood, health, and life.

Go for it!!

  1. Adopt a healthy sleep routine

In this fast-paced world, you are doing your best playing different roles and juggling several responsibilities. Which is why you need to get a good night’s sleep to rest it out. Give yourself an average of seven to nine hours of restful sleep and shut off any screens 30 minutes before your bedtime.

  1. Care for and move your body

    Indeed, a healthy body is a healthy mind. You need to nourish your body to feel fresh and fit. It is important to hydrate yourself well and eat a balanced diet to get the best of nutrients. Having said that, you should also take time to do any physical activity, like Zumba or Yoga, to uplift your mood.

  2. Socialize with others

You know you are secured and happy when you have invested in trusting and healthy relationships. At least, there are some people who allow you to be you. So, make time to call up an old friend or meet up with someone (in real life) to feel connected and inspired. You could also consider volunteering at a local NGO.

  1. Take a deep breath

In moments of stress and anxiety, take slow and deep breaths to calm down your nervous system. Regain your focus by counting the number of seconds you took to inhale and exhale. You could also think about one good experience you’ve had recently.

  1. Do something fun

One of the most underrated but essential aspects of our emotional wellness is to indulge in recreational activities. So, unleash your fun and creative side by experimenting with new things. Do at least one activity every day to stimulate positive feelings and new ideas.

  1. Pat your back

As women, we tend to be very critical about ourselves. During stressful moments, we emphasize more on the negative areas of our lives, which can lead to anxiety and depression. You need to give yourself credit for things unnoticed by others… Be grateful for things that went well.

  1. Keep it moderate

Pause and reflect on your stress handling mechanism.

Are you binge eating or drinking?
Have you become too complacent?
Or, are you too engrossed in your work?

Sit back and observe if you are going on either extreme to manage daily stress. Look for newer and diverse coping strategies so that you don’t become rigid.

Emotional self-care is an ongoing job. Do make it a regular habit to look after yourself. Your inner child will be the most delightful!



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