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2020 has been a year of some difficult revelations, a time of delving within and questioning our choices and ways of living. Now more than ever, people are becoming more aware, more conscious of how they perceive health. But the one question that most of us have asked ourselves time and again is: how do we make healthcare more accessible?

In times of crisis, our health is our most vulnerable aspect. Which is why it becomes even more important to have access to resources and experts when push comes to shove. So, in an attempt to make good health and guidance from an Ayurvedic perspective more accessible, Amrutam has launched Amrutam.Global – an online platform connecting alternative health professionals with those looking for a holistic and wholesome living!

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Idea behind Amrutam.Global

“I think Amrutam.Global is the need of the hour because it’s going to help make Ayurvedic lifestyles accessible, affordable, and more importantly, acceptable,” says Stuti Gupta, Principal: Brand & Vision, Amrutam. For the Team, the motto of connecting the right experts through technology had always been at the very core of the idea, while also ensuring personalized solutions for each person through expert consultations.

Yash Batra, Principal: Economics & Communications, Amrutam, believes that seeking consultations through Amrutam.Global will not only ensure authentic and credible resources and guidance but will also help people develop holistic living practices at every stage. “Users will be able to consult with the experts for personalized solutions to their unique needs,” he adds.

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The past decade has witnessed a global shift in viewing health as a way of living rather than a one-time activity, and as more people are inclining towards Ayurveda, a dedicated platform is much needed. Agnim Gupta, Principal: Tech & Growth, Amrutam, says:

“A lot of young people are shifting to Ayurveda and looking for Ayurvedic consultations but it’s difficult to find a trusted Ayurveda practitioner offline or online. Younger Ayurveda doctors who understand the modern lifestyle and have good knowledge in the subject – who don’t want or have less resources to invest in Clinics/Physical spaces – are given a platform through Amrutam.Global.”

What our experts have to say

Amrutam.Global is a close-knit team of experts from all over the world who specialize in various fields. From cosmetics to nutrition to Ayurveda, our experts have their hands deep in the fields that truly intrigue them so they can help people heal and be a better version of themselves!

“Currently, we do not have many portals that connect physicians of various stature all around the world, specifically in an Ayurvedic context,” says Dr. Shilpa Thengil, an Ayurvedic doctor who enjoys penning her thoughts during her free time. She goes on, “The recent developments in the pandemic show how the existing treatment modalities cannot be considered as a framework for a healthcare system. Immuno-modulation and maintenance of one’s innate health is ideally the way to go for any pandemic or communicable diseases which makes Ayurveda as relevant as it was decades ago.”

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Dr. Priyanka Bhusari Oka, our expert specializing in Panchakarma, Garbhasanskar, and Pediatrics using principles of Ayurveda, believes that online consultations have become popular due to their convenience, and while it has its limitations especially in terms of the accuracy of the diagnosis, it is definitely helping popularize the accessibility of healthcare!

Accommodating Change

Ayurveda, as we know, is the science of a longer and healthier life. “Ayurvedic experts will not only do symptomatic treatments but will tell suggest lifestyle changes along with medication,” says Dr. Aishwarya Ghotane, who is a staunch believer in effective kitchen remedies! She truly believes that the true power of healing resides in our kitchens – masks, Chawanprash, steam inhalation and haldi doodh (turmeric latte) can make a big difference in your life!

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Dr. Akash Tekale is currently doing his COVID duty at Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Ayurveda, Pune. To keep his health in check, he regularly consumes Chawanprash that he himself makes along with his colleagues. He says, “A layperson thinks that Ayurveda is a slow treatment if compared to other schools of medicine, but that’s not entirely true. Ayurveda cures the diseases by the root so that the possibility of a relapse is minimal. As a student of Ayurveda, I feel we can change that way of thinking and debunk all the myths associates with Ayurveda through this platform!” He feels that a dedicated platform will really help spread more awareness about the Ayurvedic style of living.

Dr. Surabhi Pathak is an Ayurvedic doctor and also a certified Yoga instructor. The pandemic, she says, has changed her life in many ways including an illuminating realization of how being a doctor today is a bigger responsibility than anything else.

“An Ayurvedic expert can treat the root cause then treating superficially. In the world of a sedentary lifestyle, with the help of an Ayurvedic expert, one can understand the physiology of their own body according to the clock, daily regime & seasonal regimen to prevent disorders in the future. The change in current habits of diet & lifestyle is very important & much needed. An Ayurvedic expert can bring the awareness, importance, need, trust, and magic of our ancient Ayurveda science in global healthcare by putting focus and being purely true to it.”

Today, online is an easier and more convenient way for most of us to get access to anything and everything. While the offline mode has multiple limitations, a trusted online platform can do wonders for a whole community, adds Dr. Surabhi.

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