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Let’s kick things off with a few statistics. Each day approximately 380,000 children are born. This adds up to a whopping 140 million people being added to our planet annually! One-sixth of the global figure comes solely from India; meaning approximately 68,000 babies are born in India each day. However, the miracle of life is not something that can or should be restricted to just numbers and figures. The birth of a child is a momentous occasion for most people and families. Bringing a tiny human into this world, raising them with all your love and affection, fulfilling their every need and desire; being a parent sure is a lot of work.

Deciding what to feed your child, which products are the best for them and what schedule suits them are some of the millions of things that every parent tries to puzzle out. Well, we at Amrutam have taken the liberty to solve one part of the equation for all you parents out there. Introducing Amrutam’s latest product, The Babycare Massage Oil.

Why are Massages (with the Babycare Massage Oil) so Great?

Does this question really need answering? A good massage washes away fatigue and relaxes your taut muscles. It improves circulation, stimulates the brain to release endorphins (happiness hormone) and decreases the production of stress hormones, lowers stress and anxiety and boosts mental as well physical functioning. These are especially true when it comes to massaging your children. Abhyanga, specifically Shishu Abhyanga in the case of young kids, is a well-documented Vata controlling technique.

According to Ayurvedic texts massaging your child with an Ayurvedic Oil is linked with an improvement in their overall bone and muscle structures. Not only does the Babycare Massage Oil strengthen your child's bones and muscles it also nourishes and hydrates their skin. An improved digestive system, well-formed nervous and circulatory systems, increased weight gain (which aids in growth) and decreased anxiety and stress are some of the additional benefits of regularly using the Babycare Massage Oil.



We designed the Babycare Massage Oil to provide your child with all these benefits and then some more! Inspired by ancient recipes from the Bhav Prakash Nighantu, the oil aims to strengthen your child’s developing muscles and bones. Additionally, the carefully balanced blend of medicinal herbs, spices and oils in the product also boosts physical and cognitive abilities. Using the product is as simple as taking a handful of the oil and massaging your child with it gently. While we are on the topic of massages, or Abhyanga, here are a few reasons why you should take up the habit for your child.

  • There is evidence that suggests that giving your child massages might aid in their healthy growth.
  • It is a wonderful parent-child activity that deepens your bond with your child!
  • Massages also help stimulate the digestive system. This can help your child get rid of gas, constipation as well as ease body pain.
  • Humans are an extremely touch-dependent species. The inherent need for physical contact is a driving force in our growth and massages can help you kill two birds with one stone.


How to Massage Your Child

A calm and soothing atmosphere is the best way to enhance the massage process. Before you begin the massage, dim the lights and try to create a quiet and gentle ambience. Gently rub each part of your child with the Babycare Massage Oil in smooth and firm circular motions. You may want to place a towel and lay them on the bed or another comfortable place while massaging them. Talking to your child throughout the massage is also a great way to keep them relaxed. This also doubles as a simple bonding activity for you and your child.

Experts also recommend observing closely how your child responds to the massage. If they appear relaxed and unbothered, then finish the massage. However, if they seem uncomfortable or try to squirm away from you, you may want to stop the massage for the time being and try again later.


What’s in the Babycare Massage Oil?

A product is only as good as the basic ingredients it contains. The Babycare Massage oil is made up of different components like Olive oil, Jatamansi, Erand tail, Anantmool, Triphala, Badam Oil, Brahmi, etc. The ingredients listed here are only one part of a bunch of medicinal herbs, spices and oils we have carefully selected and added to create the Babycare Massage Oil.

We selected each ingredient based on the effects they have on your child. We took into consideration their effects in congruence with their interaction with the other ingredients. For example, Olive oil is a goldmine of antioxidants and anti-bacterial compounds that hydrates and moisturizes the skin. This works in tandem with Jatamansi. This herbal extract helps in preventing wrinkles and induces a calming effect that helps your child relax. Similarly, Triphala has certain active compounds which have potent anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. A few studies even suggest that Triphala helps protect your skin cells and locks in moisture. Anantmool is a natural antibacterial. It helps get rid of and prevents infections caused by ringworms and bacteria.

Olive Oil is a particularly fascinating ingredient, both from an Ayurvedic as well as a general viewpoint. On its own, Olive Oil is a great hydrating agent. It helps keep your skin soft and safe from harmful microbes. However, when combined with the other ingredients in the Babycare Massage oil, the full Ayurvedic potential of the ingredient is realized. It has Snigdha (oily), Rasayana (restorative) and Ropan (remedial) natures which make it especially useful in combating and preventing most skin rashes, infections and disorders.

While Olive Oil handles the remedial aspects of skincare, Badam Oil ensures that your baby's skin stays fresh and glowing. Almond Oil has Madhur (sweet), Snigdha (oily) and Ushna (hot) natures. Badam Oil is a potent rejuvenating ingredient that ensures that the Babycare Massage Oil not only nourishes your child's skin but also maintains its soft, baby glow. Various Ayurvedic formulations have made use of this oil over the ages. Due to its light nature it is especially apt for massaging those with dry skin.

Amrutam Baby Care Massage Oil

Similarly, each and every ingredient used in the making of the Babycare Massage Oil has been handpicked for its benefits and synergistic effects, to create the perfect massage oil for your child. Since we use only naturally produced, organic ingredients to make our products the color of the final product may vary slightly. However, this is no cause for concern as natural ingredients may process slightly differently based on the time of cultivation, transportation, or a bunch of other factors. The slight difference in color does not affect the efficacy of the product whatsoever.

Forging a loving and lasting bond with your child is a long process, but little things make the greatest difference. Taking even five minutes out every day to spend with your child to nurture and care for them in the form of a massage will have a far-reaching impact. As said by Jesse James “Your children need your presence more than your presents”. So go on and make your presence THE PRESENT and gift your child the benefits of the Babycare Massage Oil!


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