Cleansing your Mind

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This week is about cleansing yourself inside and out. That means clearing the clutter from your head too. Most of us are invaded by mind toxins at some time or other; frustration, negative thoughts and anxiety can all poison our self-esteem if allowed to foster.

Detox your mind

Detox your head with some easy meditation and exercises. Focus on the here and now. Past events, future plans, worries and woes can all distract us from the present. Stress experts advocate setting aside time each day to focus 100 percent on the moment, on the ordinary tasks we perform each day.

Find something absorbing to do whether it is streamlining your wardrobe, washing the dishes, arranging flowers, or eating a meal. The simpler the task, the better. Concentrate fully on the job in hand. Try not to daydream or let your thoughts wander. Don’t allow yourself to worry, or to think about the future. For example, use the 40 seconds or so it takes to wash your hands to focus on the sensations you feel-warmth, wetness, the slipperiness of lather, rinsing and drying. The unbroken concentration will help push aside the anxieties that have been nagging you. Emerging from this period of undivided attention, however short, will leave you feeling remarkable.

Work on your Thoughts

If your thinking is clear, life seems to go more smoothly. Meditating for 20 minutes a day is like taking a mental bath to wash away stress. Try the following exercise.

● If you have radio alarm clock, set it to switch on quietly after 20 minutes. Alternatively, put a kitchen timer in a place, such as the next room, where you will hear it ring but where if won’t be too loud.

● Pick a focus word with a peaceful, positive connotation, such as calm, peace of love.

● Sit quietly, close your eyes and consciously relax your muscles.

● Breathe slowly and naturally. Each time you breathe out; repeat your focus word silently.

● Be passive. Don’t worry how well you are doing. When other thoughts come into your mind, dismiss them and keep repeating your focus word.

● Stay relaxed and passive for 20 minutes, continuing to repeat your focus word to yourself with each out breath.

● Let your thoughts return, sit still for another minute, then slowly stand up. Repeat the process twice a day over this weekend.

Get Angry on Paper

Anger when repressed, can turn into resentment or depression. But writing down your anxieties and grievances is a powerful way to access your emotions, explore your psyche and set yourself on the path to healing. Writing about an unpleasant experience can help you to force it into a coherent story, and confront your more uncomfortable emotions. Bringing them out can also give you a sense of perspective.

This weekend get it out! Try writing a letter to anyone you feel angry with or resentful toward. (Or even write to life itself.) List his or her offences and explain how it made you feel and why.Write as many letters as you wish. Imagine yourself purged of the pain or anger. Then destroy the letters (just in case)

We also recommend you to take a spoonful of Brainkey Gold Malt, twice a day along with warm milk or water to prevent stress, improve your quality of sleep, memory and concentration with natural ingredients like Jatamansi, Ashwagandha & Shatavari.

Create a Positive Self

Your imagination is a powerful tool that can help you to change bad habits and start afresh. Try this exercise: create a dull, grey picture on the  ̔mental  screen  ̓ of your mind, of the thing you want to move away from (such as smoking, overeating or thinking pessimistic thoughts). Replace the picture with a big, bright image of what you want to move toward. In this way, you can make you’re your fantasies work for you.

Visualize a detoxified you

Try this visualization exercise to detox your mind. Imagine your whole body suffused in cleansing and re-energizing white light that streams slowly through the top of your head. As it cascades down through you, imagine the toxins and negative thoughts being washed away. 

We hope this blog helps you gain peace of mind and live a happy, healthy life.


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