Debunking Food Myths That You Still Think True

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Throughout our lives, we have heard lots of weird stories about foods from our grandparents or elders in the family; isn’t it? Did you believe them? Do you tell the same old school thing to your kids now?

Have you asked your kids to eat Okra as it helps to score well in Math? This was the most commonly heard myth on Okra by every 90’s kid.

Even today, we hear a lot of tales with regards to nutrition and diet, foods to eat and not to eat, etc. We hear so much that it confuses a person as to what to eat and what not. Do you feel so? It’s time to put an end to eating-related science myths, misconceptions and inaccuracies that have been passed down through the ages. 

Let me unfold many such myths that you might still believe it to be true. 

Myth1: Eating food dropped on the floor within 5 seconds is safe. 

Some people pick up the food dropped on the floor and eat it, thinking that’s alright to do so. They even justify it by claiming to avoid food wastage. Seriously, anything that gets dropped on the floor can get contaminated with bacteria within milliseconds. 

Myth buster: Moist foods attract more bacteria than dry foods. So, food safety depends on how clean is the surface. But whether you would like to eat the dropped food or not ultimately remains to be your choice. 

Myth 2: Organic food is pesticide-free & more nutritious. 

In recent times, there has been a trend of organic food and people believe it to be nutritious than other foods. So, a lot of people switch to completely organic food only. Now the big question is – are conventional non-organic foods not good? 

Myth buster: Organic food is not absolutely free of pesticides. Farmers are permitted to use certain naturally derived pesticides. According to the USDA, pesticides on organic and non-organic foods are quite low and hence fit for human consumption. 

Myth 3: Sugar in children causes hyperactivity. 

Oh God, this is one thing that everyone keeps telling you once you have babies and toddlers. People these days suggest not to add sugar in milk or any other foodstuff that you give to babies or young kids, especially boys. The weird reason being is they get hyperactive and more energetic. So, you may have been told not to give candies, sweets, or any sugary foods to kids.

Myth buster: This made rounds after Dr. William Crook wrote a letter to the American Academy of Pediatrics that sugar is a leading cause of hyperactivity. But the letter isn’t scientific research based. As per the National Institute of Mental Health, refined sugar causes ADHD or makes it symptoms worse; however, more research data is needed to prove or support this theory.

 Myth 4: Brown sugar is healthier than White sugar. 

Have you come across this statement? How many of you switched to brown sugar after reading or hearing this statement? A lot of you might have switched to brown sugar, thinking it to be natural and healthier. Sorry to disappoint you, this statement is not at all true. 

Myth buster: Brown or White, sugar is sugar for your body and either doesn’t make any difference to the body. The colour of sugar naturally is brown as it contains molasses. When this is refined further, you get white sugar. So, brown sugar is nothing but white sugar with some molasses. So, that doesn’t help you get healthier. 

Myth 5: One must drink 8 glasses of water a day. 

This one has been circulating in the air from the past few years with regards to fitness and weight loss tips. Many of you must have fallen prey to this myth and you would have tried doing this every day. 

Myth buster: Keeping yourself hydrated is important but it is not essential to count the number of glasses of water you consume. Researchers have not found any link to drinking water and diseases or any other factors. However, water is certainly the best alternative to other beverages, with fewer calories. Ideally, you should drink water when you are thirsty and ensure that you are well hydrated.

Having read the truth about the myths you believed till now, it’s time you become aware of these and make everyone else aware too. Let’s enlighten ourselves and practice what is right, rather than blindly follow a trend. 

If you too have heard about any such myths or a science fact but wondering whether it’s a myth or truth; then drop in your comments and we shall try to decipher it for you. Until then visit Amrutam's blog for many interesting articles.




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