Debunking Myths & Misconceptions About Ayurveda

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Is it safe to use?

Oh, it is outdated!

Does Ayurveda really work?

Does it really benefit without any side-effects?

In how many days, Ayurvedic medicine works?

How long should we take Ayurvedic treatment?

Did any of the above questions come to your mind on hearing about Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicines? Or you might have heard such comments from others when you talk to them about Ayurveda, right?

Although Ayurveda has been gaining popularity recently, people have more delusions than awareness about this ancient system. Many people find it hard to believe that Ayurveda does miracles and is equally effective in providing efficient treatment/therapies. Despite the fact, that modern medicine is effective yet comes with a dash of its own side-effects; people are yet to adopt our ancient system of medicine – Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is not just a health system, rather it’s a way of life. Ayurveda has its own style and rules of healing that believes in preventing than curing a disease. The ancient nature along with long tradition is misunderstood quite a lot. The major misunderstanding that is always quoted is time; you want quick relief from your distress. Who wants to wait for more time while having a splitting headache; all you need is instant relief and that’s why you gobble painkillers? And so, you hesitate and are not ready to accept Ayurvedic medicines as the first line of treatment. Isn’t this thought true? Actually, no one has the patience to allow Ayurvedic medicines to show its effect.

We come across a lot of myths associated with Ayurveda. It’s mainly because of lack of awareness and proper knowledge about this science. Well, Amrutam is celebrating “#Foool No more” this April, to break all the wrong ideas, myths, misconceptions that you have been believing till now. We are here to break the old stereotypes and enlighten the minds with the scientific facts.

The below points are the most common and major concerns related to Ayurveda:

Ayurveda treatment takes a long time to heal. This is the most common myth.

  • The healing time in any given treatment depends on several factors such as age, type of disease, etc. Usually, people turn to Ayurveda after the disease becomes chronic, complex and when other treatments don’t work; hence the long time is taken for healing. Ayurveda can cure diseases quickly when you attend to it at the earliest or when the disease has just formed. The immediate relief provided by modern medicine is considered as ‘cure’ and compared to the time taken by Ayurveda for a cure; both cannot be equated. So, it should not be branded by ‘slow-acting’ as it has both ‘slow-acting’ and ‘fast-acting’ medicines.

Ayurveda cures cancer.

  • With recent trends of rising cancer patients, people start believing that Ayurveda can cure terminal illness including cancer. Cancer is certainly mentioned in Ayurvedic texts and categorized as hard to cure, fatal and curable (very few). Ayurvedic medicines increase immunity levels and herbs (turmeric, neem) can help in fighting cancer.

Ayurvedic drugs are not as safe as there are no clinical tests and standardization of medicines.

  • Not really! India recognizes Ayurveda as a system of medicine and so they are tested just like regular There are regulations that require manufacturers to follow specific procedures, guidelines and standards. It’s regulated by the Drugs & Cosmetics Act 1940 which mandated the standard operating procedures (SOP) & GMPs. 

Another misconception is that Ayurveda has no side-effects.

  • Anything in excess causes harm to our body, isn’t it true? Likewise, even when we eat an excess of food it causes some kind of trouble; so, can medicine be free of problems? Ayurvedic medicines in right dosage combination are absolutely harmless, but if the dosage is wrong or combination is wrong then problems may occur. For instance- certain drugs need to be consumed with milk after food. But, some drugs if consumed with food triggers side-effects. Therefore, the best thing to do is to consult a qualified ayurvedic physician before taking medicines.

Ayurvedic medicines never expire, yet another biggest myth!

  • How can anything not expire? Everything has a particular shelf-life or expiry date, so has Ayurvedic medicines. Some of them have short, some long, the duration varies. Some medicines may not be highly effective when they grow old. Some medicines get better as they age but all of them have a definite shelf-life and an expiry date.

Ayurvedic medicines comprise of heavy metals.

  • In the olden times, metals and minerals were commonly used as medicines either individually or in combination with herbs (Rasa Shastra). Ayurvedic medicines are hence available in herbal, mineral or a combination of both. These metals/minerals are purified, sterilized undergo an extensive detoxification process to remove all the toxins & impurities, finally making it fit for human consumption. Herbo-Minerals are used to combat certain diseases.

As proper information about the true nature of Ayurveda was not available for centuries, people have framed their own opinion and developed the wrong notion which led to a lack of confidence in the effectiveness of Ayurvedic treatment. However, in recent times, spirituality, holistic lifestyle and healthy eating have been upswing and so Ayurveda too has seen a reawakening.

We hope this article will help you get over all the myths & misconceptions with respect to Ayurveda. Pass this informative article to everyone around you to spread awareness about the ancient, holistic system of medicine.

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