Epidemic through Ayurveda

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This article has been contributed by Dr. Surabhi Pathak, an expert at Amrutam.Global. If you are looking for a holistic solution to your health-related concerns, book an appointment with Dr. Surabhi today!

Today, the world has been occupied and affected with only one thing and that is Covid-19. It has spread all over, almost to each and every part of the World. Now it has completed its one-year existence with us and still we are trying to overcome it. Our doctors, nurses, and frontline health workers are fighting to keep us safe and protected.

WHO has declared Covid-19 as pandemic! A pandemic is an epidemic that’s spread over multiple countries and continents. An epidemic is a disease that affects a large number of people within a community, population or region.

Ayurveda and Epidemic

It is no wonder that our ancient science Ayurveda has already mentioned about the Epidemic 5000 years ago. In Charak Samhita, 3rd chapter of Vimansthana there is an explanation about the “Janapadodhwasa.” Janapada means community. Udhwansa means destruction. This deals with the determination of the specific characteristics of the epidemics. The conversation about the epidemic was held between Atreya Rishi and his disciple Agnivesha while roaming the woods near the banks of Ganga river.

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In charaka Samhita, the causes, symptoms and the preventive measures of epidemics are explained very well.

It is written that there are 3 important causes of epidemic- Adharma (Sins), Pradnyaparadha (Intellectual blasphemy) and not following the Sadvritta (Good nature).

Though there is dissimilarity in the physical constitution of human beings like nature, diet, body constitution, physical and mental health etc. but there are such few factors which are common to all.

They are- Vayu (Air), Udaka/ Jala (Water), Desha (Place/location) & Kala (Time). Vitiation of these factors leads to simultaneous manifestation of diseases having the same set of symptoms leading to the destruction of communities in the country.

The few characteristics of polluted Air is like, excessive calmness or violent air waves, excessive dryness, cold or hot air, roughness or humidity. The polluted water is considered to be devoid of all its attributes like abnormal color, smell, taste, excessive stickiness, etc. The land or place having abnormal colour, smell, taste, excessive stickiness and moistness with abundance of wild animals having excess grass and weed is said to be polluted land. And lastly the time is said to be harmful when there is perversion or absence of religion, truth, modesty, manners as if the country is seized by the demons. These four factors along with their respective features of vitiation are considered by the wise as responsible for the destruction by the epidemic diseases.

Factors responsible

Even if we look around us, these things which were explained so many years ago, we are experiencing right now. The pollution, global warming, destruction of trees, weather changes etc. are so much responsible for the birth of such harmful communicable diseases.

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Further, Agnivesha asked Lord Atreya that, “What can be the reason behind this vitiation of air, water, land and time?”

Lord Atreya replied, “Sins of the present life or the misdeeds of the past life are the root cause of the vitiation of these factors. Pradnyaparatha (intellectual blasphemy) constitutes both types of sins.”

Now maybe this is difficult to believe in this era we live in, but these facts cannot be denied as they have a powerful basis.

For example, when the rulers of the states, cities or countries do not follow the righteous path and do the sinful acts (Adharma), similarly their subordinates and common people do the same. Sinful acts make the righteous acts disappear. Currently we are so deep in this situation as the political parties are playing their agenda by taking advantage of such a critical situation and the sufferer is the common man.  Furthermore, sinful acts lead to war. This is said to be a Shashtraprabhav, because of the increased anger and ego, some people start fighting among themselves with intention to kill. During this year we have also experienced these situations. Further sinful acts leading to affliction of Rakshogunas, it means demons, germs, viruses and other varieties of creatures due to sins. Similarly sinful acts lead to the destruction of population by curse said as Abhishap. It can be limited to the specific person when that person does not follow the instructions given by the Guru, the saints and continues to do wrong sinful acts.

Treatment of epidemic diseases

Ayurveda also explains the importance of treatment of epidemic diseases. It explains the control over diseases. During the impairment of epidemic factors if the proper medicine administration is done, no one needs to fear the disease.

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The control over disease can be divided into two parts, one is preventive measures which includes the practices that will help to not to create the cause of epidemic. Like, the collection of medicines, food in healthy seasons before the onset of disease, Following the healthy lifestyle for Immunity, the control over sinful acts, compassion for other living beings, charity, good deeds, praying to god, preventing water, air and soil pollution.

The other control measure is the treatment of disease which includes the practice of medicine to cure it. There is always importance given in Ayurveda to Panchakarma therapy which is the detoxification of the body through procedures and Rasayana therapy. This includes the consumption of herbs for a healthy and long-lasting life and to restore health. However, it should be taken under guidance only.

These therapies which when adopted during the epidemic can save the lives of millions.

Isn’t it magical that the condition which we are going through today has been predicted and explained more than 5000 years ago? So, we have the responsibility to follow the Preventive and Treatment measures to save the lives on this earth as written in our ancient Ayurveda science.


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