How to deal with bossy people: the Amrutam way

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Power hungry people, people who want to control your lives in and out, can make your personal and professional life. They will put you situations where you feel powerless and helpless. It can be quite difficult to deal with such people. People, who will continue to belittle you, make you feel small and powerful. Remind you of your mistakes and limitations loudly, while hiding theirs inside their cloaked version of themselves. In their opinion, they would present themselves as the best to you, as perfect individuals without any flaws and who never commit any mistakes ever.
At times, it can be really difficult for you to deal with such human beings, such bossy human beings who are afraid to show their vulnerable self to you. You should learn how to not fall in a submissive relationship and say ‘No’ to a relationship where you feel disrespected. There are only two ways to deal with bossy people, either you will tolerate them or you would stand up to them.
Here are a few Amrutam ways which can help you deal with the bossy people in your lives:
In case, you choose to tolerate them
#1 Be Calm & Relaxed
Try not to respond with anger when they want you to. It is important for you to know that, people often try to control others because of insecurity and helplessness, which they might be feeling inside of them.
#2 You should avoid being passively aggressive
If you find yourself responding in an impulsive manner, you should remind yourself that acting in a passive manner will not make your relationship with that individual better and it will not make you happy either. It might give you a temporary relief, which is not a optimal way of dealing with you feel towards that person.
#3 Let it go
If you know that this person is going through a rough patch in their life and is most likely not to treat you the bossy way in future, you should let it go and giving them the benefit of doubt that they are a good person at heart and it’s just a rough patch they are going through.
#4 Say a No whenever necessary
You should not, always be saying yes to whatever they demand of you. Learn to say even when it feels the most difficult thing to say. You should learn to say no even when you feel that they will stop talking to you the next day. You should say ‘NO’ when necessary.
#5 Add a little smile to your response
Instead of always being submissive, it is important for you to tell them in a lighthearted manner that them bossing around does not goes unnoticed by you. For instance, if your colleague in office is telling you to buy allopathic medicines for your joint pain, you should tell them with a smile that Orthokey Gold Capsules is what you refer because of its ancient natural healing properties.
#6 Know when you are feeling like a victim
It is important for you to recognize that point in time when you start feeling like a victim. If you keep feelings of resentment and anger within for too long a time, it can destroy your relationship with this bossy person who might have a really important space in your life. When you do feel disappointed and utterly sad, resolve to a more firm method to deal with this bossy person.
The firm Method
#1 A clear loud ‘NO’
When the water reaches above the mark, it is important for you to say no to what this bossy person might be telling you. A loud and firm no to them, the point here should be your stand and not whether they understand it or not. You need to decide to say no to what they want of you and stick to that.
#2 Be Respectful and hold your stand
You do not need to be rude or disrespectful while saying a no to the bossy person in your life. In fact, you should try and be respectful towards them, not for their sake but to hold your self-integrity. Say no, but say it respectfully and confidently.
#3 Be stern
You need to be stern with whatever it is that you have decided and not get swayed away by the other person`s bossiness. Even if they try to be defensive about your response, you should hold on to your response. Always remember, why you chose to respond that way in the first place.
#4 Acknowledge the Silence
As they say, “silence is golden”. It truly is and by no means, you should try and fight the silence if it comes in the relationship because of how you chose to respond to their undermining behaviour. They might feel uncomfortable with the fact that you are trying to stand up for yourself but should anyway hold your ground.
#5 Be honest and tell them                        
Despite everything if they still are not able to accept your decision or response, it is time you tell them how you have felt about them. You need to tell them that they have been rude and bossy towards you. Be honest and tell them how you have felt.
 #6 Make boundaries
If this bossy person in your life, still fails to understand how you feel even after you have told them loud and clear. It is time for you to make the required boundaries and if need be take some time off this relationship which is burdening you.
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