How to take care of your hair during the winter

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Winter is the time to get cozy, curl up inside your warm home and sip hot chocolate while you binge-watch series online. But it’s also the season when your hair gets drier than usual and requires pampering. While the effects of winter may vary across India, the primary reason is that a dry scalp leads to dry hair. This may further lead to breakage, hair fall, acute dandruff, flaking and an itchy scalp. There are other factors that determine the health of your hair such as stress, pollution, heredity and hormonal changes. 

Taking care of your hair doesn’t necessarily involve using cosmetic products. Your hair needs a holistic approach. This approach focuses on wellness, where healthy living, and preventing illnesses and diseases from occurring becomes the core of the Ayurvedic way of living. It involves eating a balanced nutritional diet, using herbal remedies, and practicing yoga and meditation.

As per Ayurveda, each human body is constituted of three doshas - Vata, the energy for movement, Pitta, the energy for digestion, and Kapha, the energy for stability.

Vata Hair - Vata hair is highest in porosity, which makes it susceptible to absorbing chemicals and further, damaging your hair. Vata is associated with dryness and this dryness can cause dandruff. 

Pitta Hair - Pitta hair is wavy with a medium thickness. An excess of Pitta, leads to digestion issues and can cause premature greying, hair loss, scalp inflammation and clogging of hair follicles. 

Kapha Hair - Kapha hair is thick and lustrous. This type of hair balances the sebum, and increased levels in sebum can cause itching, hair fall and oily scalp. 

Some of the hair care routines that you need to follow are:

Hydrate your hair with an Ayurvedic oil massage 

According to Ayurveda, massaging your scalp and hair with oil at regular intervals can balance your dosha type. Using Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Hair Oil will ensure a healthy scalp, stimulate the growth of thick hair and strengthen the roots.

One of the best Ayurvedic oils around, Amrutam’s Ayurvedic Onion Oil treats and prevents hair issues like baldness, premature greying and maintains the pH levels of the hair. The sulphur present in onion oil for hair regrowth reverses breakage, split ends and hair thinning. There is also Amrutam’s Neem oil, which is packed with antioxidants. Hence, it is a natural remedy for all hair problems such as irritated scalp, dandruff and hair thinning. 

As per Ayurveda, the Vata hair type needs more oiling than those with Pitta and Kapha

Eating a balanced diet

A balanced nutritional diet can keep your hair strong and shiny. Your food should contain Vitamin B6, which is contained in foods like bananas, potatoes and spinach. Consuming meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products will give your hair Vitamin B12. Essential fatty acids and high protein food also play a key role in the health of your hair. Winter is a time when there are fresh, leafy greens growing in abundance. Make sure to incorporate greens in your diet as these contain plenty of iron that strengthen your hair right from the root.

Use chemical-free shampoos 

Every day your hair is exposed to dust, ash and other gaseous pollutants, which damages your tresses. This dirt accumulated on the scalp clogs your follicles and Amrutam’s Bhringraj Hair Therapy- 2 in 1 Conditioner and Shampoo helps for a clean wash. The Ayurvedic conditioner and shampoo are carefully curated with ingredients like Bhringraj, Triphala, Reetha and Shikakai to reverse issues like hair loss, dandruff, premature greying and dry scalp. Another 100% natural shampoo, Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Herbal Shampoo contains herbal extracts that nourish your hair, help promote lustrous growth, prevent infections and reverse scanty hair growth. 

Use a hair mask

Your hair requires deep moisturization and nourishment during winter. Nourishing and conditioning your hair with Amrutam’s Kuntal Care Do-It-Yourself Hair Spa with HEMP is extremely beneficial in boosting your hair health. The ingredients used like Hemp, Shankhpushpi and Balchhad balance the doshas, regulates the sleep cycle while also tending to dandruff, premature greying, dry and brittle hair, and split ends. 

Feed your hair with the right nutrients

Just like the food you eat impacts the way your skin looks, it also impacts your hair. Natural malts such as Kuntal Hair Care Malt, on consumption, can encourage blood circulation and promote healthy hair growth. The ingredients like Bhringraj, Sariva, Jatamansi, Dhatri Loh and Chandi Bhasma help strengthen hair follicles thus helping to reduce hair fall. 

Saying no to heat styling 

Using heat styling tools like blow dryers, straightening and curling irons can take away its essential nutrients thus, damaging your strands over time. This, in turn, aggravates the Vata dosha, which causes dryness, split ends and hair fall. It is best to dry your hair naturally. Speaking of heat, we all love a hot shower in the winter, don’t we? Keep in mind that excessive hot water poured on your hair can cause damage - causing frizz, making it brittle and prone to breakage.

Taking care of your hair in the winter is important. There are many factors that influence the growth and strength of your hair. One of the best solutions to problematic hair can be found in Ayurveda. At Amrutam, all your hair-related problems can be met with the best Ayurvedic formulations. Visit our website or follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more information.


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