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Khadira or Acacia Catechu if you will, is as old as Ayurveda itself. It was like the first words of Ayurveda, but instead of being some gibberish gone right, it turned out to be super beneficial for your body. Its botanical name is another long, confusing word which is Senegalia Catechu.

Known as Cutch tree in English, this herb can work wonders for your body. Be it to give your skin a glow, healing a wound, getting rid of skin diseases or strengthening and bringing back the youth of your hair, Khadira is the herb that you need.

In the form of oil, ointment or dust powder, apply it as you want. Chew it, drink it, consume it as you want, it just does not disappoint you.

Found in parts of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, this herb is indigenous to Bharat and a herb that can not only make your skin and hair better, but can also treat your internal organs.

But as good as it is to your body, it may turn out to be a foe to your tongue, a bitter taste followed by a pungent after taste is not the best tongue soother, right! But it will leave your mouth cool and your stomach happy.

Fun Fact: Khadira in Sanskrit literally means “that which cures disease and bring stability to body”.

An All-Rounder Award Winner

Khadira is great for your skin and can treat not only your skin but is instantly useful in diabetes.

  • It might be not the best mouth freshener, but it surely is best in maintaining your dental hygiene.
  • Burning high? Have some of this and you will definitely feel better.
  • Itchiness making you uncomfortable, and the body fat too, and stomach inflammation also; don’t worry, Khadira is your ever-soothing friend.
  • Not only this, it is also helpful in curbing the intestinal worm infestations
  • and the cough that spawns in the throat in winters.

Fun fact: Khadira is the main ingredient of the famous Ayurvedic tonic Khadirarishta. So next time you see Khadirarishta in an Ayurvedic store, you know what to do.

Khadira for skin

Khadira as mentioned before is really useful for your skin.

  • It can treat skin diseases.
  • It is useful in treating blisters, bleeding areas and inflammation of skin.
  • Kadhira is a natural wound healer.
  • Applying Khadira to a wounded region can help it heal real quick.
  • The chemical compounds present in it make your skin cells contract faster and its cool nature gives relaxation to the burning wounds.
  • Its cool nature, natural chemicals, antimicrobial qualities make it your skin's best friend in any crisis.

Fun Fact: Khadira is commonly known as Kattha, which is a staple ingredient in the beloved Paan which is a favorite of many, especially in North India.

Khadira for hair

Khadira is a natural when it comes to coloring your hair.

Are you at an age where your luscious raven hair or brown locks are saying farewell to you and the emotional emptiness is being filled by annoying white strands?

Are you worried that the hair colors available in the market will only damage your hair?

Don't you worry, Khadira is the medicine to this ailment too.

Kadhira naturally imparts its color. Apply it on your hair, wait a bit and voila! There you have a wonderful shade on your head.


Khadira and its side effects

Yes, you read it right. It turns out, Khadira also has its bad sides. But what are they, let’s find out.

  • Although enough scientific evidence is not available, Khadira might cause allergic reactions in some people. So you people need to watch out for it and better consult a doctor before the lucrative good benefits of this herb lure you in.
  • As the saying says ‘too good is never good’, consuming Khadira more than necessary can cause some minor side effects, but it doesn’t matter, if you are having Khadira in limit, and that limit can be set by consulting your doctor or a nutritionist.
  • If you are not careful, the herb can become like a back biting friend. It may cause irritation, inflammation and ring worms.

Amrutam's Top Khadira for You

We have an amazing range of products that can help you include Khadira in your lives in really easy ways.

  • Skin Key Body Oil- It helps your skin to embrace its youth once again.
  • Skin Key Malt- The tonic that you can drink and get rid of all the internal problems of your body.
  • Dent Key Manjan- Cherish the old time Indian charm by using our dental powder designed for your overall oral hygiene.

Use these products according to the instructions or your doctor’s advice and experience the charms of Khadira that will never let you skip it. Because Khadira will be there for you.


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