Kusa- The Durwa(y) to Great Skin and Health

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I recall with much fondness, how in the misty mornings of August or September, my mother would wake me up early and ask me to go pick Durwa (Kusa) from the garden.  And being as lazy as they come, I would send my poor brother instead. He would scour the entire garden grounds wet with Monsoon showers, for the grass with three splits to decorate the hands of our beloved Ganpati.

I did not know then, the immense importance of Durwa also known as Kusha or Kusa. But now that I know, I take it to be my responsibility to share the knowledge with you, so that next Ganesh Chaturthi, and all the other times to come, you have a newfound love and respect for Kusa.

Kusa, also known as Darbha grass is a sacred and equally important herb in the world of Ayurveda. It has the very confusing botanical name of Desmostachya bipinnata. It is also called the sacred grass in
English or if we look at the Arabian origins, it is also known as Halfa grass. But nevertheless, just like Shakespeare said,

"What’s in a name that which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet".  Call Kusa by any name, it has and will have those very same benefits, always.

An ancient ritual of health

When Ayurveda was still being researched upon, the sages found a way of incorporating Kusa, a medicinal herb in the lives of the common folks, so it became a religious or let’s say a cultural ritual. It is also known to have many benefits. The herb is mainly beneficial for our precious stomach and our precious skin.

It helps in reducing diarrhea and helps to cure skin diseases like eczema. So Kusa not only takes care of your beautiful skin but also keeps your stomach happy because if the stomach is happy, the whole body glows inside and out.

Kusa can be ground into a paste, or added to your food. It can show its colors any way you use it. Its sweet and tender taste accompanied by its cool and light nature is a boon for your stomach and can go with anything you want to eat.

Even after being consumed, Kusa will leave a trail of sweetness through your food pipe, ensuring that whenever you think of Kusa, there would always be a sweetness to the thought.

Kusa when applied to the skin can be beneficial for curing burns and irritation. Its cool nature will quickly soothe the burning sensation on the skin.

Fun fact: KUSA also known as Durwa is one of the prime ingredients required for Shringhar of  Lord Ganesh.

Kusa for skin

During the hot summers of India, when the sun and sweat draw almost every coolant out of the body, the annoying rashes on the back don’t seem to want to leave. That's when one feels the need to put something cool like ice on the body, but ice does not help, does it?

So guess, what helps to cool down your skin and get rid of those rashes? Yes, it is none other than our very own Kusa.

Applying it in the form of a paste or ointment can provide instant cooling to your skin and can protect you from the cruelty of harsh summer rashes. It also protects you from harmful UV rays. So if you want skin that is as cool as you are, then Kusa is the herb you need, especially if you live in large metropolitan cities or areas that give way to more pollution.

It is useful in healing wounds too. Washing the wound with the decoction made of Kusa, Haldi and Neem will stop the burning sensation and provide you with relief that no bandage ever can.

Fun fact: Kusa protects you from radiation and is really effective as a radiation protector.

Kusa: foe to some

Kusa in a limited amount or the amount which is prescribed by the doctor or the back of the pack causes no harm. But even drinking excessive water has its problems, and so does consuming or applying excessive Kusa. So while using it, make sure you don’t forget yourselves in the good sweet taste of Kusa.

Fun fact: The Kusa mats are not only a good way for radiation protection but a natural air conditioner too, that you can hang on your windows for a cool breeze.

Top Amrutam Picks with Kusa

At Amrutam we make sure that we know what is best for you and since it is one of those things, we have a range of products, designed to include the goodness of Kusa and provide you with its care.

This malt is like a natural therapy for preventing hair loss, fostering hair follicles and getting smooth and silky skin.

This authentic Ayurvedic formulation is a boon for your mental immunity against stress and damage.

Their key ingredients include- Bhringaraj, Jatamansi, Ashwagandha, Brahmi and more.

So these were all the wondrous benefits of Kusa for your body to help nourish it from within and the outside. It is so intriguing, how a small piece of grass that grows in your backyard or a nearby garden, can be so beneficial in ways you can't even begin to imagine. Kusa has endless benefits and so do most of the Ayurvedic herbs. So it is time that we embrace Ayurveda in whatever way we can.

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