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Eighth of March is celebrated as international women’s day all around the world and celebrations of the same have already begun. It was yesterday morning that I was reading an article in Hindustan Times about the exceptional women who have changed the gender game, who have challenged the notions of patriarchy. Be it any field, women have challenged the patriarchal norms of our society.

This day, the eight of March is a day to celebrate and honor the extraordinary achievements of women all over the world- social, economic, political and cultural achievements of women.

Amrutam firmly believes in gender parity and has a vision to employ twenty-five thousand women by the end of 2025. We also would encourage all our readers to support the international movement #PressforProgess by pressing here to pledge to stand up for women empowerment and to stand up for gender parity.

We at Amrutam, believe in both inner and outer beauty of women. We believe in the leadership of women. Following our vision, in the last couple of months we have on boarded four women, who show extraordinary will and zest to bring a change in society and promote ayurveda as well.

One of them is a brilliant writer as well, apart from the multitude of roles that they do play being a caring mother, an accountant and many more roles they juggle with in their lives. We are honored to have Mrs. Anju jain as a part of our team.

Another member, who has recently on boarded our team is miss Akansha- who is a recent MBA graduate and a part of our Accounts and sales team. We are honored to have them as a part of our team.

Mrs. Usha and Mrs. Guddi are exemplary part of our operations team, who ensure to guide us by example- their dedication towards work is outstanding. We are honored to have them as a part of our team.

Next up in line, is Miss Stuti. She is an integral part of Amrutam team, it is because of her hard work and vision that in the year 2017, we have been able to rebrand ourselves into a premium brand. It would not be wrong to call Miss Stuti a workaholic, considering the number of things she manages. She is a traveler by heart, poet in her spirit and an inspiring leader. Apart from Amrutam, she has also been working as a national head of Gramiksha- A NGO working the public education sector, co-founder of The Lost Tribe Hostels- A chain of backpacker hostels. She is also a published poet, her first collection of poems is called Sublimation. We are honored to have Miss Stuti as a part of our team.

We cannot forget, Mrs. Chandrakanta, our chief-in-command. It was out of her strong will that Amrutam was born in the year 2013, as a manufacturing unit based in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh and now our operations has expanded to more than eight states and have crossed boundaries have recently started to engage expand ourselves to exports as well. We are happy, all of us, to be a part of Mrs. Chandrakanta’s team. You can check out our premium range of products here. To know more about our classical range of ayurvedic herbal products you can email us at .

It was back in the year 2014, that out of concern for women that our R&D team developed the ayurvedic and natural formula for Nari Soundarya Malt. To help women take care of their overall health and beauty, our team carefully puts together all the ingredients of Nari Soundarya Malt and heat them at a particular temperature to present to you an ayurvedic herbal medicine for your overall health and beauty. 

Nari Soundarya Malt contains Ashoka, Lodhra, Shatavari and Gokhru as its key ingredients.

Buy Amrutam Nari Soundarya Kit inclusive of Nari Soundarya Oil, Shampoo, Spa, Ubtan and malt. Email us at to place your order now. Place your order via an email to us and get 20% discount. In case, you have more questions regarding Nari Soundarya mail us.

Thank you for being an Amrutam Reader!

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