The Benefits of Ayurvedic Hair Care

The benefits of ayurvedic hair care a closer look at heat in the scalp and how ayurveda seeks to restore the balance.

 We all have different hair types according to our constitution. However, with our fast pace lifestyle and with the introduction of many chemicals and treatments in hair care, the pitta dosha will predominate the key hair care issues which are namely hair loss, premature greying and lack of nourishment to the scalp.

 A note on heat:

 Ultimately, heat is the enemy in terms of maintaining healthy hair and scalp. Excess heat in the body naturally rises and leaves the body at the crown of the head. Therefore, when this heat is present in a large amount the scalp it causes premature greying and also hair loss. It also creates oiliness and dullness of the hair. If you can imagine, the excess heat literally burns the hair follicle! It makes sense too when we make the jokes about stress being linked to baldness - or greying too. It is because of the heat created by stress.

 Worryingly, many of modern hair treatments involve incredible amounts of heat. We blow dry our hair, and tend to use hot appliances to curl or straighten it. We sometimes wash our hair with very hot water and this could be doing more damage than good.

Many of the chemicals found in conventional shampoo are likely to increase the heat in the scalp also. As the ingredients are not natural, the body may approach them in an almost attacking fashion, which involves a fight, which means heat is generated in order for that to happen.

 Ayurveda seeks to restore the scalp health by cooling it down and providing nourishment. Ingredients such as brangraj and amla are excellent for this. The kuntal hair care herbal shampoo is a great daily shampoo to use for all of the doshas as it contains both of these ingredients as well as reetha, shikakai and ghrit kumari. It is sulphate free therefore it will not have the heating chemical effect mentioned above. Therefore you can wash your hair daily and feel that is is having a beneficial effect on the scalp due to the added ayurvedic ingredients.

Regular head massage with an ayurvedic oil does wonders for your hair and scalp. The massage will stimulate fresh blood flow to the roots and create healthy scalp and hair. Ayurvedic oils for the hair are designed to be cooling and so this oil is able to penetrate the scalp and create a cooling down of any excess pitta. Not only will you benefit from beautiful hair, but you will also experience a calmer nature emotionally, reducing stress and tension and also a glowing facial complexion as fresh blood flow is stimulated across the entire head region.

The Amrutam Kuntal Care Hair Oil is an excellent choice for head massage and scalp treatments because it contains Neem, Kapoor kachri,Gudahal and Balchhad which are all excellent for revitalising the scalp and helping in strengthening the hair roots. They are also useful in stopping hair loss due to their cooling nature. Ayurvedic oils such as pinda oil are very cooling for the scalp (suitable for pitta types) and kesha hair oil is very nourishing (better for vata & kapha).

 It is also important to take care of the inside for healthy hair and scalp. The Amrutam Kuntal Care Malt (Ayurvedic Jam) is a great daily supplement to take for this. It contains bhringaraj, sariva, jatamansi, dhatri loh and chandi bhasm which is beneficial for smooth, silky and healthy hair. Bhringraj helps foster healthy hair follicles, chandi bhasm helps with an acute headache by enhancing the blood flow to the roots, dhatri loh is a source of iron and stops hair fall and sariva roots are used as blood-purifier. The extracts of Jatamansi in this formulation further aids in hair growth.

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