Tips to Keep Strong Immunity in Times of COVID 19

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The Novel Coronavirus was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization two weeks ago and has since been causing extreme panic among the masses. While no vaccine has yet been invented, the only viable way to battle this virus is to have strong immunity.

Ayurveda provides for a set of remedies for and to prevent all kinds of diseases and ailments; however, they must be inculcated only after taking into consideration the Prakruti (inner constitution) of a person. One must insist on a first-hand experience before incorporating an unknown or foreign set in their routines – be it Yoga asanas or simply consuming herbal teas.

To ensure that our #AmrutamFamily remains safe and well-equipped to fight this fast-spreading virus, we spoke to our #AmrutamFamily members and amassed the necessary tips that will help you boost your immunity!

#1. Alkalize & Hydrate

A Yoga Practitioner & Reiki Healer, Isha Lall, (@ishallyoga) emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated. She recommends starting one’s day by drinking lukewarm water as it helps in cleansing your body.

“I start my day with lukewarm water with a dash of lemon and grated ginger with a teaspoon of honey. Ginger is known for its qualities to prevent flu and seasonal cold and is great for metabolism.”

Ginger also helps in preventing inflammation in the body.

#2. Eat Organic 

Consuming healthy and organic has become more important than ever now. With all the processed and packaged foods that are being consumed, the immunity only diminishes.

Rajat Thakur, (@rajatthakuryoga) a Mountaineer & Yoga Instructor from Manali, adds –

“There is a reason why our ancestors lived such long and healthy lives. Everything they consumed came directly from nature. They knew what, when and how to eat as per the doshas and seasons.”

Eating raw salads or fruits about a half-hour before the main meals help in releasing digestive enzymes in our bodies, thus maintaining healthy functioning.

Vegetable smoothies or juices with a spoonful of coconut oil help in better absorption of fats. Adding Moringa or Spirulina to the juices can also enhance their benefits and effectiveness.

#3. Herbal & Ayurvedic drinks

Since COVID 19 is a form of severe acute respiratory syndrome, it is important that we keep our lungs healthy to fight the said disease.

Sitopaladi is a wonderful mix of spices like elaichi, pipali, and dalcheeni which is great for respiratory and bronchial issues. It is to be consumed with honey.

Homemade turmeric lattes are heart-warming and amazing sleep inducers. For people who struggle with getting a sound full night’s sleep, warm milk with a pinch of turmeric can do wonders as it helps in relaxing the tired body,” adds Sushmita Mukhia, (@yog_with_sushmita) a Yoga Practitioner & Banker based out of Mumbai.

One may also consume Ayurvedic homemade kadhas by mixing tulsi, ginger, and turmeric and boiling in water to keep one’s inner system healthy.

Pranita Pawar, (@ayurveda_healer) an Ayurvedic Doctor adds –

“Guduchi Kwath is another significant herb that helps in treating several disorders and ailments extensively. It also enhances immunity and strengthens the system.”

#4. Physical Workout 

For a healthy body, it is imperative that we keep our inner fire burning. Anything that is lifeless or dead is cold. And heat is the opposite of death. While coolness is good for the external parts of our body like the skin, it is responsible for reducing immunity inside the body.

Our experts highly recommend performing Yoga & Pranayams to strengthen our core. Some key pranayamas that help in enhancing our lung capacities and cleansing our systems are –

  1. Bhastrika
  2. Kapal Bhati
  3. Anulom-Vilom

All of these pranayamas involve inhalation and exhalation of air in and from the body. Performing them regularly ensures a healthy respiratory system as all the toxins are released when the air is exhaled from the body.

#5. Social Isolation 

Our generation often overlooks or disregards old and traditional practices as ‘old school’. In earlier times, when someone would pass away, the family of the deceased was required to remain in isolation for 13 days. Since there wasn’t the luxury of scientific advancements, this was done to ensure that the infections didn’t spread outside the family of the deceased, says Rajat.

The time has come when we must reinforce the traditional practices, not in the name of blind faith but to get closer to our roots.

These sure are difficult times but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Let us view this as an opportunity to become more vigilant about our health and lifestyle. And implement these life-altering tips for a safer, happier and healthier future. From Amrutam’s list of Ayurvedic & Herbal products, Flukey Malt is the best recipe to keep your immunity intact!

Flukey Malt

Amrutam wishes you the best of your health. After all, #HealthIsBeauty!



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