What Ayurveda has always known about Cancer that Modern Science is discovering now?

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We know that may sound obvious to some of you, but the truth is - it hasn’t been so obvious in the medical treatment of Cancer till now.

This year, Nobel prize for Medicine/Physiology 2018 has been awarded to two scientists James P Allison and Tasuku Honjo who discovered how to harness the body’s immune system to fight cancer.

Usually, when a person is diagnosed with Cancer, their immune system is already in a weak stage to fight its cells.

“The immune system normally seeks out and destroys mutated cells, but cancer finds sophisticated ways to hide from immune attacks” as mentioned in an article in The Guardian.

Ayurvedic treatment of Cancer

Ayurveda has known this for about 5000 years.

One of the basic core principles of Ayurveda Medicine is that any illness is derived from weak immunity. Your body's natural resistance from any attack is what keeps you live a longer and healthier life.

Therefore, Ayurvedic medicine relies on natural ingredients like Amruta (Giloy), Shatavari, Amla, Nagkesar, Haritiki, Sunthi, Mulethi and so on - to build a strong immunity and boost it continuously.

Each Herbal plant that’s present in nature has over 100 usages, and your body has been so beautifully designed that when you consume it in right combination and correct quantity at a certain time of the day, the extracts of the plants work only on the segments that your body needs and the rest gets flushed out. Hence, Ayurvedic medicines have multiple side benefits and no side effects.

When we started Amrutam, our first product had to be an immunity booster which contained all possible Aushadis and Rasa Bhasma. Amrutam’s founder Shri Ashok Gupta traveled for over 30 years, to interiors of India - villages, farms, and forests - met with saints and sages, learned about different plants and herbs directly from the people who practice it as a daily life routine. In order to empirically confirm his practical learning,

He backed it up with his readings of age-old ancient texts - naming a few relevant titles here -

  • Bhav Prakash Nighantu,
  • Dhanvanthri Nighantu,
  • Charaka Samhita,
  • Van Aushadhi Darpan,
  • Indigenous Drugs of India & A Hand Book of Tropical Therapeutics.

He ran tests and trials for over 5 years, starting from family members, then to friends and friends of friends - before Amrutam finally reached the Edition of Amrutam Gold Malt [Gold here signifies Swarn Bhasma - dust of gold which has done unimaginable wonders to human body and mind].

When we researched more and more on the benefits of Amrutam Gold Malt, there was a very important observation made by us. While the Malt worked a great deal on a certain people from the first day of its usage, there were still many people who took time to see significant changes in their immunity.

We had to go back to our books and references to understand why it was working in different ways for different people. The answer was right in front of us, however, it took a while to pinpoint it - lifestyle.

According to Ayurvedic principles, Amrutam Gold Malt works well on those who take care of these 5 things in their everyday life:

  1. Running
  2. Meditation
  3. Water intake
  4. Healthy social environment (good relations with family and friends)
  5. Work satisfaction

Human Being is a complex being, and like every complex thing - it has multiple factors too. Amrutam has found the closest method to deal with hazardous conditions like Cancer, by practicing a good lifestyle and consuming Amrutam Gold Malt two spoonfuls twice a day, on an empty stomach.

After all, what we are awarding in 2018 - has all been in front of us all this time. If your immune system is strong, you can fight any disease even if it is fatal. Nature has solutions for all your problems.

What is Amrutam Gold Malt made of?

Every 10 gm of Amrutam Gold Malt contains:
Gulkand 1000 mg, Kismis 500 mg, Sev murrba 500 mg,
Harad murbba 500 mg, Anjeer 200 mg, Ashwagandha
200 mg, Safed musali 100 mg, Arjun 100 mg, Giloy 100
mg, Sanai 100 mg, Amaltas 100 mg, Bhui amla 50 mg
Madhuyasti 50 mg, Vai vidang 50 mg, Gokharu 50 mg,
Punernava 50 mg, Jiwanti 50 mg, Badam 50 mg
Trikatu 150 mg, Dhania 25 mg, Dalchini 20 mg, Elaichi 20
mg, Shilajit 25 mg, Vang bhasm 50 mg, Abhrak bhasm
50 mg, Loh bhasm 50 mg, Swarn bhasm 5 mcg, Sita
and Amla murbba base Q.S.

It is a nutritional supplement for all ages. It not only enhances body immunity, but it also delays the physiological changes. Fights against chronic diseases improve appetite and digestion. It has been useful in anemia, general, debility, weight loss.

Amrutam Gold Malt is an ancient traditional ayurvedic malt for your overall health and immunity.



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