Vidarikand- An Amrutam Herb

Vidarikand is also known as Indian Kudju. Its botanical name is Pueraria Tuberosa. In Sankrit, Vidarikand is also known as Swadukanda, Ikshugandha, Kandhapalaash, Bhumikushmaand.

Vidarikand has tuberous roots and a trailing vine. The roots of Vidarikand are white in color, starchy and have a sweet taste. The flowers of Vidarikand are purple in color. Pueraria Tuberosa grows all over in India, up to the height of 4000 feet. The active chemical constituents of the plant are carbohydrates and proteins, which constitute sixty four percent and eleven percent of Vidarikand respectively.
The Ayurvedic medicinal properties of the plant can be described based on Guna, Rasa, Vipaka and Viraya.


“Everything in the universe has medicinal application.”

These medical applications are defined as Guna in Ayurveda in Charaka Samhita. The Guna of Vidarikand is heavy and smooth, Guru and Snighdha. Its taste or rasa is sweet, vipaka which means after taste is also madhur (sweet). Its Virya, which means potency, is Sheeta (cool).

Vidarikand`s medicinal benefits are extensive and it is used as a key ingredient in Brainkey Gold Malt.

It is beneficial for the urinary and reproductive system. It smoothens the urinary tract by removing the dryness in the tract and reduces the intensity of inflammatory conditions of the reproductive system.  Vidarikand is also known to improve the quality of semen. It also acts as a very good agent to help in gaining weight. Vidarikand also helps in improving the quality of one`s voice and it’s a common tonic amongst the singers. It also helps with lactation, is good for mothers who have a new born baby. Vidarikand has anti-ageing properties as well. It is considered to have all the properties of a good rasayana. It also helps in maintaining the health of the respiratory system, by removing the excess of congestion. Vidarikand also has cardio tonic as it helps in strengthening the heart muscles.

Vidarikand aids and complements other ingredients of Brainkey Gold Malt to improve your mental immunity and help you fight against stress and worry.

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