Right to Healthy Hair Sale - 15th August

As a part of the #KuntalCare Healthy Hair Marathon, we have always emphasized the idea of strong & healthy hair! Here is your chance to become a part of the marathon and choose Ayurvedic care for your hair.

[OFFER]: Get Kuntal Care Hair Oil 200ML FREE on all orders above INR 999-/  
[Note: For First Time Customers only]

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  • Pooja Thawrani

    After I used this, it's difficult for me to go back to any other shampoo now. I trust it blindly.

    But the only reason I may look out for a replacement would be the cost factor.

  • Ria-Philomena-Das

    This hair oil is one of the most amazing products I’ve used for Amrutam. It has a therapeutic and relaxing effect on the mind. It also has a divine fragrance. Bonus Hack- Slightly warm the oil before use!

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