Surprise! Surprise!

We asked our community members on our IG handle @amrutamofficial about their favourite Amrutam Malts and we are thrilled to see the beautiful responses which we received.

It makes immensely happy to serve our dear #AmrutamFamily members with the goodness of Ayurveda. And yes, revealing the surprise now. Since you all have loved the Amrutam Malts so much. Here is another FLASH SALE for you. Purchase any 400gms Amrutam Malt and get an Amrutam Face Wash FREE!

Amrutam Face Wash

TIME: 9:00 PM to 11 PM, 8th July 2020

Step 1: Place an order on
Step 2: Use the coupon code – FLASHSALE6 during the checkout
Step 3: Get a free bottle of Amrutam Face Wash on your purchase of any Amrutam Malt – 400gms Jar.

Here are a few snapshots from all the love our community members shared with us.


  • This offer is only applicable for domestic orders i.e. orders within India
  • To avail the offer, you need to purchase any Amrutam Malt jar of the quantity 400gms.
  • To avail the offer using the coupon code “FLASHSALE6” is mandatory
  • Other coupon codes cannot be redeemed along with the FLASHSALE6 coupon
  • Free Delivery is unapplicable on Flash Sales for Amrutam Sadasyas.
  • Note: We will be sending the gift items from our end, they might not appear in the cart or the order details.

To learn more about Amrutam Malts – read this article or visit our youtube channel.


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