5 Amrutam Ways to Deal with Dark Eye Circles

Life corrodes us and our bodies, as we grow old and the childlike divinity that we carry within ourselves, begin to rust with time and the same happens with our body as well.

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Work, adulthood and the lost innocence can take a toll on our overall health and it is very important for you, to realize to take care of yourself. Each and every day, you should promise yourself to take care of yourself.

These days, the stress of getting somewhere, of getting that something done is making our lives heavier and affecting our mind and mental immunity. Eat two spoons of Brainkey Gold Malt to boost your mental immunity.

The work stress and rush of city life, is affecting both our inner and outer beauty. Do the dark eye patches on your eyes that you see in the mirror, scare you as well?

The Dark eye circles appear on our face, as the skin below our eyes is thin and behind it are located several oil glands. Due to several reasons, this skin becomes thin and dry and the veins in this area become bulging giving a dark appearance to the area under the eyes.

Some common causes of dark eye circles are:

#1.Dark Eye Patches can be Hereditary

Many a times, the dark circles on your eyes can be hereditary. You might be taking them over from your parents.

#2. Lack of Sleep

If you are not sleeping properly, then the dark eye patches can be a common concern for you. Sleep properly from now on.

#3.Poor Nutrition

If you are not eating your food properly, if you are facing a lack of appetite then those dark circles might be there. You should eat two spoons of Amrutam Gold Malt everyday to improve your appetite, to get all the nourishment that you require- with warm milk.

Dark eye circles can be treated naturally as well, without cosmetic make up and allopathic medicines.

Here are few Amrutam Natural ways to treat the Dark Eye Circles:

#1. Juice the Cucumber

Take one fresh cucumber, wash it thoroughly, peel it and grate it. Take the juice of the grated cucumber in a bowl. Now, take two cotton pieces and dip them in the bowl filled with cucumber juice and apply them on your eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes. This is very rejuvenating and relaxing activity.

#2. Juice the Potato

Peel a potato, grate it and squeeze the fresh juice out of the grated potato in a bowl. Now, take two cotton pieces and dip them in the bowl filled with potato juice and apply them on your eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes. Yes, it’s the exact same thing as we did with the cucumber.

#3. The Veggie Mix- A paste of multiple natural things for your eyes

Make a paste of lemon juice, tomato puree, orange lentil flour (masoor dal ) and turmeric powder (if you are not allergic to it) and apply under eye dark circles. Leave it for fifteen minutes and then gently rinse it off. This mixed paste is really relaxing for your eyes and will help with the dark circles as well.

#4. Simple one- Drink a lot of Water

In our recent hindi article, we talked a lot about water and its ayurvedic importance. It is believed that you should drink at least, fifteen glasses of water every day.

#5. Apply Amrutam Herbal Ubtan Regularly

Amrutam Ubtan contains Haldi, Chandan, Manjistha and Khadir. Amrutam Ubtan is a Vedic recipe for protection, feeding and beautification of the skin. Ubtan fights skin infections and cleanses and tones the skin. Improves complexion, works as an astringent, aids in exfoliation, reduces facial hair. Protects from acne, freckles and makes the skin smooth.


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