5 Things You Should Know Before Buying Amrutam Products

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Are you considering purchasing products from Amrutam? It's always a good idea to research a brand before making a purchase, and Amrutam is no exception. Here are five key things you should know about Amrutam products before you decide to buy:

1.Exceptional Customer Reviews: Amrutam has garnered an impressive 4.7 out of 5 rating on Judge.me, a platform that collects customer reviews. Positive reviews are a testament to the brand's commitment to customer satisfaction. What sets Amrutam apart is its strong community of 85,000 followers on Instagram, which showcases the trust and loyalty customers have in their products.



2.Certified by Trusted Authorities: When it comes to healthcare and wellness products, certifications matter. Amrutam products are certified by the Ministry of AYUSH, PETA, and USFDA. These certifications assure consumers that the products meet strict quality and ethical standards. The Ministry of AYUSH certification ensures that the products are rooted in traditional Ayurvedic principles, while the PETA certification underscores Amrutam's cruelty-free commitment. USFDA certification is a mark of quality and safety, particularly important for those in the international market.


3.Decades of Expertise: Amrutam boasts more than 30 years of expertise in formulating natural wellness and healthcare products. This wealth of experience speaks to the brand's commitment to perfecting their craft. Over the years, Amrutam has refined its recipes and production methods to offer customers the best possible solutions for their well-being.


4.Ethically-Sourced Ingredients: Amrutam's dedication to ethical practices extends to its sourcing of ingredients. The brand hand-picks and ethically sources the raw materials used in its products. This means that the sourcing process is environmentally friendly and promotes fair labor practices. Knowing that the ingredients are responsibly obtained adds an extra layer of trust for conscientious consumers.


5.Holistic Approach: Amrutam products are not just about addressing the surface symptoms of a problem. They are infused with raw herbs that aim to get to the root cause of an issue. This holistic approach aligns with the principles of Ayurveda, which focuses on treating the whole person rather than just the symptoms. Amrutam's products are designed to promote overall well-being and long-term health.


In conclusion, Amrutam products offer a unique blend of customer satisfaction, certifications from trusted authorities, years of experience, ethical ingredient sourcing, and a holistic approach to wellness. These five key factors make Amrutam a brand worth considering when you're on the hunt for natural wellness and healthcare solutions. Whether you're seeking traditional Ayurvedic remedies or cruelty-free, ethically sourced products, Amrutam has something to offer. Your well-being and peace of mind are at the heart of our mission, and that's something to be celebrated.



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Amrutam Face Clean Up Reviews

Currently on my second bottle and happy with how this product has kept acne & breakouts in check. It doesn't leave the skin too dry and also doubles as a face mask.

Juhi Bhatt

Amrutam face clean up works great on any skin type, it has helped me keep my skin inflammation in check, helps with acne and clear the open pores. Continuous usage has helped lighten the pigmentation and scars as well. I have recommended the face clean up to many people and they have all loved it!!

Sakshi Dobhal

This really changed the game of how to maintain skin soft supple and glowing! I’m using it since few weeks and see hell lot of difference in the skin I had before and now. I don’t need any makeup or foundation to cover my skin imperfections since now they are slowly fading away after I started using this! I would say this product doesn’t need any kind of review because it’s above par than expected. It’s a blind buy honestly . I’m looking forward to buy more products and repeat this regularly henceforth.

Shruthu Nayak

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