Five Secrets to Reduce Regular Body Ache and Fatigue

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Did you also twist your ankle the other day? Or, perhaps, you have been sitting on chair for a long time and the next day, you have the dreadful lower back ache. The common symptoms of body ache are stress, dehydration and sleep deprivation.

Well, you don’t have to worry.

Let’s pull up our socks and learn a few simple ways to fight body ache and be awesome.


Here are five simple ways which can help you ease your body ache:

#1 Relaxation

Often, in the race of our lives to reach unknown fascinating goals and destinations, we forget the importance of relaxation.
It’s a dire necessity for our body to go on a hibernating mode for some time.

One simple way, to go about relaxing your body-spirit-mind is to breathe.
Take a step back from your to-do lists and spend two minutes just to breathe.
Begin by observing your breathe and follow with taking deeper breathes and letting go of all your thoughts.

Practice it, before going on to read the next step.

Close your eyes and breathe.

#2 Let life give you lemons and carrots

A spoonful of lemon juice everyday and keep the body ache away.

If you come from the northern part of India then you’ll be dreaming of gajar ka halwa by now. (Gajar ka Halwa is a  dessert made with carrots)
Gajar ka Halwa is one thing which can give you comfort during winters and carrot juice everyday can help you prevent and reduce body ache.

#3 Stretch a little

As much we’d love getting in our blankets during winter days, it’s important for our body to exercise to avoid toxins and congestion in our body.

Now, stretch your hands- yes, just that way and touch your toes.
Simple stretching can make a huge difference.

#4 Anjeer (Fig)

Anjeer (Fig) being rich in fiber, can help tremendously in preventing constipation, maintaining smooth bowel movements. Constipation can be a major cause of body aches.

Also, figs can help you relieve yourself of those extra kilos you want to let go of to fit in your old college jeans and it is believed according to ancient tradition that figs can help you gain weight.

Right amount of consumption is the key.

#5 Gulkand (Rose Petal Jam)

As much as the poets and lovers have loved the fragrance of red roses, so does the body.
Rose Petal Jam or Gulkand has numerous health benefits. It’s cooling attributes helps in reducing tiredness, body aches and pains, and burning sensation in soles and palm.
It also works as a wonderful digestive product.

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