72 Hours FLASH SALE! πŸ“£

72 Hours FLASH SALE! πŸ“£

Date: 24th January - 26th January

As promised, we are here with the second surprise for the month of January!

Get Kuntal Care Hair Spa with Neem FREE on orders above INR 1000 | Coupon Code: NEEMSPA

Get Amrutam Wellness Journal FREE on orders above INR 3000 | Coupon Code: JOURNAL

Get Ayurvedic Travel Essentials Gift Box Gift Box FREE on orders above INR 5000 | Coupon Code: TRAVELESSENTIALS

#KuntalCare Range has been very dear for all #AmrutamFamily members and based on continuous surveys and research via multiple mediums, Team Amrutam realized the need for creating an Ayurvedic hair mask especially curated to fight dandruff and that is how Kuntal Care Hair Spa with Neem was born.

We have received a wonderful response from our community on Kuntal Care Hair Spa with Neem, within two weeks of the launch more than 200 Amrutam community members have tried the hair mask and have shared a positive response with us.

Kuntal Care Hair Spa with Neem is also available with a coconut shell bowl - it can be used while applying the hair mask :)

About Amrutam Wellness Journal

In past we have spoken about the benefits of journaling as an act of self-care, keeping the same in mind - we have curated the Amrutam Wellness Journal. It is a fun diary which can help you express and write your daily reflections. The Wellness Journal comes with Monthly reflections log, Weekly view, Daily log pages, Weekly gratitude and reflections page, Weekly plans page, Pages for notes and Pages for doodles.

About Travel Essential Luxury Box

Ayurvedic Travel Essentials – Luxury Gift Box by Amrutam is a set of 10 ayurvedic recipes to take care of your body and mind. It is the perfect gift for yourself and for your loved ones.

P.S. Don't forget to participate in the sale and get these amazing gifts!

1. This offer is only applicable for domestic orders i.e. orders within India
2. To avail the discount offer using the above-mentioned coupon codes is mandatory
3. Flash Sale coupon codes cannot be used along with other coupons codes



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