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Dear Friends,

Respectful greetings. Namaste.

I pray to Baba Kalyaneswara for good health and long life for all of you. I hope you are all happy in body and mind.

I am Ashok Gupta, whom everyone lovingly calls Amrutam Papa. Today, I am going to share an important and heartfelt true story with you—a story of listening, learning, and creating with love.

About four years ago, my simple, straightforward, and dedicated wife became somewhat irritable and angry. Despite being a religious woman who lives by rules and principles and is always conscious about her health, she finds taking English, allopathic medicine extremely troublesome. Due to frequent disputes, our married life became somewhat stressful, and my concentration at work started decreasing.

One day, my wife hesitantly mentioned that due to her irregular periods, she experienced heaviness in her head and a lack of motivation to work. She also noticed an increase in obesity and suspected she was going through menopause. She asked if there was any Ayurvedic medicine that could provide relief, as she could never take allopathic medicine.

My dear wife Chandrakanta began to experience symptoms of her own menopause. Watching her go through this change was both eye-opening and heartbreaking. She has a strong desire to remain healthy, happy, and beautiful. Being sick was against her dignity.

I took my wife to a gynecologist. The doctor suggested some English, Ayurvedic pills, capsules, and syrup. After taking them for a month, the problem persisted, and due to the allopathic medicine, she also lost her appetite. Spots and blemishes started appearing on her face, and she was on the verge of depression.

During this time, we had been receiving messages for several months from many of you—sons, daughters, husbands—seeking help for the wonderful women in your lives. Some special believers among the approximately 200,000 customers consuming Amrutam's famous product Nari Sondarya Malt were constantly requesting relief from menopause. You shared stories of mothers, wives, and loved ones who were silently struggling with symptoms of menopause. Every message touched me deeply, and I felt compelled to take action.

Due to my wife's insistence and the special customer demand, I embarked on a journey of menopause treatment research. I studied day and night, delving into 40 Ayurvedic texts such as Madhava Nidana, Charaka Samhita, Ashtanga Hridaya, Ayurveda Sara Sangraha, and others, to understand substances, herbs, and their medicinal properties.

With support from Baba Vaidyanath, I sought advice and consultation from renowned Ayurvedic practitioners in the country, such as Venimadhav Shastri, Vaidya Rane, Mishraji, and Mangal Singh. I also tried some home remedies, but complete success was not achieved.

I was determined to create something that could provide relief, health, beauty, and rejuvenation to women during this important life transition. Life teaches us the most important lessons from our experiences, and struggle is a great teacher. While immersed in my research, I carefully studied menopause-relieving ingredients and realized that most women become anemic at the age of 40.

I prepared a formula including blood-enhancing medicines, creating a new product with a combination of forty substances like amla murabba, loha bhasma, swarna makshika bhasma, shatpatri leham, harad murabba, lodhra, hirabol, nashta pushpantak ras, bang bhasma, ashoka, and more, which took 30 to 35 days to make.

With a new purpose, we collected the best ingredients from all over India—jatamansi, ashoka bark, shatavari, and many others. Each herb was carefully selected, combining respect for ancient Ayurvedic knowledge with modern understanding.

After preparing the medicine, I instructed my wife to take it regularly, morning and evening, with milk for three months. After a month, she reported that she felt much more comfortable during her period. The next month, she experienced a reduction in obesity, and her period occurred without issues. By the third month, she felt completely healthy. At that moment, I realized that the path I was pursuing was indeed the right one.

Over three years were spent in the entire process of developing the medicine. However, my passion was so intense that I did not feel the heat of June or the hunger from missing meals. Sometimes, during the dense winter, I couldn't even wear woolen clothes while searching for herbs in dense forests.

After my wife experienced relief, she shared her success with her friends in her kitty party. I provided free sample bottles for one month to about 25-30 middle-aged women around 40, who also benefited miraculously. This success led us to package and prepare the menopause-relieving product for the market.

The result of this labor of love and dedication is NSM40+ (Nari Sondarya Malt 40+), a product specially created for women aged 40 and above who are approaching or experiencing menopause. NARI SONDARYA Malt 40 Plus is designed to gradually support a woman's body during this transition, helping to alleviate various symptoms that arise. It completely eradicates many secret female diseases from the root.

NSM40+ is launched in the online market and I am filled with hope and excitement. This is not just another product for us—it is a promise to all the wonderful women that they will not have to suffer silently. This is our way of saying, "We see you, we hear you, and we are here for you."

Thank you for staying with us on this journey. Your trust and support mean a lot to us, and we feel honored to serve you and your loved ones.

Yours with warmth and gratitude,

Ashok Gupta (Amrutam Papa)


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