Amrutam DIY Hairfall Treatment – Amla and Onion Hack

I noticed my hair strands all over my room and even in the common room, at times this hair loss that we face goes unnoticed. However, not anymore; with Amrutam home remedies- your hair will be stronger, shinier and silkier.

Alopecia is the scientific term used to define the problem of falling hair.
No more falling hair, because we should take care of ourselves. It is popularly said, that body is the temple of our soul. Thereby, it becomes our duty to take care of our body along with our spirit and mind.

Today, the Amrutam home-cure we want to discuss with you consists of two key ingredients:
1.) Amla
2.) Onion

Indian gooseberry, commonly known in Hindi as Amla is rich in vitamin C which is an antioxidant. Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C in amla aids in hair nourishment and prevents hair damage as well. Indian Gooseberry, also acts as a natural conditioner and it prevents graying or hair.

Onion, on the other hand, consists high levels of Sulfur, which can aid blood circulation to hair follicles and their regeneration. Hair Follicles are responsible for the regulation of hair growth through a complex interaction between Neuropeptides, Hormones and immune cells.
Neuropeptides are molecules which helps the Neurons in communicating.

Now, let`s learn how to prepare Amrutam DIY Amla- Onion Hair fall treatment

Amrutam Ingredients required:

1.) 3 teaspoons of Dried Amla
2.) 1 Small Onion
3.) 1 Cup of Water

Amrutam Steps to prepare the Hair Fall treatment:

1.) Mix three teaspoons of dried Indian Gooseberries and with one cup of water.
2.) Boil the mixture, till water is reduced to half the level.
3.) Let the mixture be for some time.
4.) Once the mixture has cooled down, filter it using a strainer.
5.) Use a grinder or a mixer, to extract the juice from the small onion.
6.) Filter the onion juice.
7.) Mix the dried Amla mixture and onion juice.

Ting! Ting! Ting!…. your Amrutam self-made hair-fall treatment is ready-to-use.

Apply this mixture to your hair using a brush, or with hand- as it is convenient for you.
For best results, if you have been observing lot of hair fall then apply at least two times in a week for two to three months.


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