Celebrating 5 Years of our Digital Leap

It was in April 2017 that we started building our website, as young folks who did not know much about business or the internet, we just knew that everyone should have easy access to Amrutam's recipes and building amrutam.co.in was the perfect way to start the process.

Come, celebrate with us - Participate in the B2G1 Sale on 15-17 April 2022. Add any three Amrutam recipes to your cart and the item with the lowest purchase price will be sponsored by us as a gift! 🎁

How to avail the offer?

  • Step 1: Add three of your favourite recipes to the cart
  • Step 2: Click on the cart icon at the bottom of the screen
  • Step 3: On the cart page, under the coupon section add the code: FIVEYEARS and the item with lowest value will automatically made FREE! [Note: The Free Item will reflect on the checkout page only]
  • Step 4: Enter your delivery & payment details and voila! Your order will be placed.

Add any three Amrutam recipes to your cart and the third one will be sponsored by us as a gift! 🎁

Glimpses of Amrutam's Digital Journey

It was 2016 when Amrutam, the brainchild of Sh. Ashok Gupta and Smt. Chandrakanta Gupta was on the verge of withering. Their dream of “serving society and helping ease the suffering of the distressed” seemed to be coming to an end until Stuti and Agnim, their children, revived it. Truly, the energy of pure intentions and the unwavering efforts of the entire family propelled Amrutam to its destiny.

The year 2022, marks five incredible years since the rebirth of Amrutam! On this gleaming occasion, we’d love to reflect upon the magnificent journey of learning, reflection, and growth. Learn more about Amrutam's digital journey here.

Today as we enter April 2022, we want to celebrate the past five years of amrutam.co.in. It is with your continuous faith in Amrutam and Ayurveda, that we've come so far. (P.S. Many many years to go before we arrive at a day where Ayurveda is the new reality)

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- Amrutha Kalyansunder



  • Add 3 recipes to the cart, the cheapest item is free.
  • To avail the offer, using the code FIVEYEARS  is mandatory
  • Offer is valid on domestic orders i.e. within India only
  • This offer cannot be clubbed with any other coupon code


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