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It's going to be five years since I started brushing my mind closely with Ayurveda.

I remember clearly the day when I first started, 15th November 2017. I had just returned from Bangalore fifteen days back, Diwali had recently passed, and I had just started working towards returning to my roots - doing things I passionately loved.

Reading, Writing, Watching Movies - I had missed this while working in a corporate space.

I chose to come and live a slow-paced life in Gwalior - The heart of India.

The day when I first visited Amrutam's HQ, I was filled with childlike curiosity to learn about Amrutam Patrika - a Hindi magazine Shri Ashok Ji has been running since 2006.

The yantra on the right side wall fascinated me as if I had entered a new universe - a world filled with mysticism and magic, much beyond the understanding of our current scientific world.

While this was my first encounter with the world of Ayurveda, the spark that was lit that day has lived within me since then.

The first year, I read a lot from old Amrutam Patrika publications - our in-house library was filled with hundreds of books about Ayurveda and Astrology.

I first started learning about herbs like Jatamansi, Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Ashwagandha - ingredients of my first favourite Amrutam recipe - Brainkey Gold Malt.

For over a decade, I have been trying to learn more about Mental Health - going through what modern psychology has to say and Ayurveda.

It's astounding to read and understand how Ayurvedic herbs can positively impact one's mental health.

Apart from reading, I start experimenting too - with herbs for my health.

I started consuming Triphala churna two years back and it has helped me with:

• Better Sleep because if my stomach is angry, sleep gets disturbed
Better Immunity

Along with Triphala, I also integrated herbs like JatamansiBrahmiShankhpushpiAshwagandha in the form of Brainkey Gold Malt. as a part of my bedtime routine.

One teaspoon every night with warm milk and this has changed my relaxation game:

• My sleep is more deep and relaxed
• I feel fresh and rejuvenated after waking up
• My body feels calm

I want to let you know that while Ayurvedic herbs can help bring +ve changes to your health, natural and sustainable changes can come when we start living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle.

I will share more on this in my upcoming rants.

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